Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Largest State Park

With all the Mill Industries and Tobacco and other companies leaving North Carolina every day, not to mention the Taxes that keep going deeper into already thread bare pockets, pretty soon North Carolina will be the Largest State Park in history. I mean, just how many can afford to earn a decent living here anymore. There are twenty middle class homes on the market in less than a square mile of my home. Many have been through more than one realty company with no luck. Others are foreclosed and still others just sit vacant because people without jobs can not afford to buy a home or keep one. I know of four people who have lost their jobs just since December and more business closings are still to come. And then the President of the US of A comes to visit just one company doing well at the moment and tells us all the economy is growing stronger. Who's he kidding with his story telling? That's like going to the desert and stopping at the only store for a 500 mile radius and calling it a boom town. Bush didn't bother to go and see all the large closed Plants and shuttered business's in the area. Sure a tractor company or a differential company can keep pumping out their products and stock pile hundreds of thousands of them. But when there is no one to sell them too they'll be another boarded up vacant property. Then I guess the President will come back and stop at the last remaining Mini-Mart next to the closed Industries and proclaim:
"See the economy is growing and doing great in North Carolina. Look how the shelves are fully stocked up."

I can just see the sign for the park now: " North Carolina State Park. The largest ghost town in American History." Heck, it might even be named "George Bush State Park."


Anonymous said...

Hey! You never did say how the camping expedition went over. Please let us know!

Billy Jones said...

So true, so true. I keep hearing about how great the economy is and wondering if the radio and TV stations are coming in from another country somewhere.

Poets are secretly taking over the Blogosphere and I'm in on the conspiracy.

WooleyBugger said...

I don't know who anonymous is so it makes it a little tough. You might be the land of figs but I'm not sure about it.We did not get to do it last weekend, however, all is set on go for this weekend. We have games picked out, popcorn ready to pop and a movie to watch.He is excited about it and so am I.

WooleyBugger said...

Bloggingpoet, you may just be correct in that. I think they are all playing that mind game trip. Tell us what we want to hear enough times and we will begin to believe it. Maybe my truck in the garage will turn into a new shelby mustang if I keep telling it that it is. Oh and, all those one dollar bills in my wallet will become 100's if I just keep a saying they are.