Saturday, January 14, 2006

Camping last night was Terrific

I had great news to tell him when I got home that the wife hadn't told him of. This was something that he was pulling hard for me on. I had been on an interview with a company that makes mainly parts for the aircraft industry back in December. They needed someone to set up and organize their warehousing as this is an area they are lacking in. They called me to come back for another interview on Thursday and on Friday I was informed that I had the job. So I start on the 23rd of January.
Plus they will be training me on their CNC operations and other areas to. All of these are right up my alley and an area of interest for me. I've even touched on Powder Coating with them and hopefully this is something that will be added to the business. Currently they send everything out for anodizing and finish. With the planned addition to the building this is a very viable option.

So this made for our campout to be that much better with the good news.

My son and I were able to enjoy our campout last night with high spirits. We began our night as soon as I came home from work. He was more than ready when I walked in the door with lots to do. First off we had omelets for dinner and sat around cutting up. Why, I even let down my guard and ripped a good one at the table. ( A Camping have to that only guys can have fun with.) That accomplished we made our way to the VCR to watch the movie "Catch me if you Can" with Tom Hanks and Leonardo De Caprio. Based on a true story about a teenager who becomes a con artist pretending to be an Airline Pilot, Doctor, Lawyer and how he eluded capture for so long making tons of money. Yes we had a huge bowl of popcorn to boot.

Then it was off to the game room to play on the Xbox for hours. He had rented a couple of games and we played until after midnight. We were even able to talk about things going on with him and his girlfriend of the month. I went down to the basement and retrieved our sleeping bags which we put on the floor of the game room before watching Mash. Of course we had the wrestling match and joke session as well.

This morning I awoke half uncovered from my unzipped sleeping bag because our Springer Spaniel had made her way inbetween us and the result was her pulling the bag to suit her. When we began to move around she thought that meant playtime and she started rolling around and pinching us like she does when she plays. You can't be in the floor without her taking that as an invitation to play. After we got her to settle down, my son went to fetch me a cup of coffee to wake me up.
We were Hungary so we made our way to the BiscuitVille in our PJs. The drive through line around the building was long and the place was packed. Not wanting to go inside anyway because of our attire, we drove across town to the other one and retrieved our food quickly for he, his mother and I. Biscuitville is a very big deal around here and the biscuits are made fresh on the spot each day. You can even watch them making them from scratch when your inside. None of that pre-made frozen stuff for them. No siree buddy. Biscuitville is just about as good as Martins Biscuits in Georgia which is my home state. Martins biscuits are the size of a cup saucer and they to are made fresh on the spot. I always loved their tender steak biscuits they serve using real steak.
After getting home with the breakfast and chowing down with the good food, the boy and his mother played some games together. We didn't want to leave her completely out of it but I bet she was glad to have the night before to herself for a change. That is, after we had all watched the movie together.
So she said that a good campout needs a good hike and she had an idea. We all gathered up and got dressed to go see this movie about these kids who find a game in the basement of the old house their father just bought. Its called something like Shumara or something as the spelling of the name escapes me at the moment. But it was a good fun adventure over at the old Graham theatre. Free refills on popcorn as well and that is a plus for all of us for sure. We are all popcorn addicts.

It was just a great time and something we all enjoyed and needed.


Anonymous said...

I am very glad that your camping trip went well. Our family has planned our trip (thanks to your blog) in the near future. Thank you for your great idea!

PS Congrats on your new job! May God bless you and your family in this new change in your lives!

Surly said...

Im looking forward to the time when my son is old enough to do that kind of stuff. Sounds like fun. Was the movie Zathura?
Anyway, good blogging.

WooleyBugger said...

Thank you to both of you.

anonymous, where might you be going on your trip? You could also be creative and use a char-B-Que grill, if you have one, to roast marshmallows over.
The main thing though, is to let people know so the phone won't be ringing. That is a killer for any camp out.

I have to say that the camping trip was a very fun thing to do. It was enjoyable and almost free. Probably the lowest cost camping trip I've ever been on and the most rewarding.

And yes Surly, that was the name of the movie (Zuthura), thanks for clearing that up. Wouldn't mind seeing it again. It was funny at how the movie would get slow and then...WHAM! My son jumped in his seat several times.
Not sure how old your son is but you'll both enjoy it.