Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Vento Motorcycle

Have you seen the Vento Motorcycle that is being advertised at some of the Harley dealers?
Me neither but I want to go and take a peek at one. Their V-Thunder model makes a nice looking cruiser in the ads and the price is a low $3499.00. But I'd never even heard of one until a few months ago. These are Chinese made bikes from a company trying to get in on the American motorcycle market. They also make scooters, dirt bikes, ATV's which looks like where they started. A network of dealers is being worked up for ease of obtaining parts needed to service these vehicles.

Checking on the web I have found others asking the same questions as to the reliability stand point and whether or not anyone has done a review on them. Most people are saying to stay away from them because they are so new and wonder just how well built the bikes may be. Let us not forget though that the Japanese couldn't build a reliable bike at all until Harley made a deal to let them tool up and make bikes at a state of the art factory for the day. The Japanese had no idea how to design and build a reliable motorcycle until they came and toured the factory making Japanese Harley's under license from the US company before the war. Many of these bikes kept being built and used by the Japanese military after war broke out. Honda, for one, then took what they learned and saw and you see what happened there.

So let's not count these Chinese made bikes out just yet.


Gymi said...

Hey Wooley, If you want to get an ride review on this bike check out the latest issue of Cycle World. Alan Girdler does a piece on bikes that get the best gas milage.This bike is part of the story. He does not give it very high marks though. By the way he makes it sound, you would be better off keeping your cash in your wallet and walking, than buying this bike. They are built in Texas with the parts supplied from the parent company in China.

Later, Gymi

WooleyBugger said...

Thanks Gymi,

I'll have to read that article. Still think that I'll venture out soon to see one up close at the H-D shop. Don't believe that there are many around here even though the claims are over 100 dealers and building.


Gymi said...

He said that the company is aware of the quality control issues and they are working to resolve them. I hope they do, it's a cool looking little bike, kinda like a mini Heritage.

WooleyBugger said...

It's not a bad looking bike at all. Probably a bit small for me like the Ridley.

KT Did said...

Hi, have not seen these at the HD shops, 4 close in my area-OC California. I think, though, they have a nice little look to them. But, like most small bikes, boredom will hit as soon as the freeway becomes an everyday reality. I wonder how they sound.

WooleyBugger said...

Hi kt did, I have read that they do have some bugs to work out on them. Evidently, the bikes are a bit smaller than they look and should fit a smaller framed rider fairly well. I wonder what they sound like myself.