Sunday, January 22, 2006

Be cautious

I went to visit an old friend yesterday evening. He has been a true friend as he knows all about me and still is my friend. I don't know about any of you but a really true friend is mighty tough to find these days. Someone that you do not have to pretend with or try to impress. A person that has wisdom and sound advice to offer you and, never tries to make you feel less of a person for being who you are. This man, who is legally blind now, can see things better than a person with perfect vision. If you ask his opinion be sure that you want his opinion because he's going to give it to you straight up. Not in a putting you down way but in a non- threatening way that makes you think. How we met and what he has been through is a long story that would be far to long to post here. I will say though that we worked together for many years and when he began to go blind---- I was there for him to help how I could.

Last night when I went to see him his sister and one of his brothers were there to visit. When he lived out in the country only his sister would come by regular to see him. Everyone felt that it was to far to go. During the last big ice storm we had here in North Carolina, I was worried that he was cut off. My feelings were well founded as his power was off and he had no heat and no way to get anywhere. When I arrived at his place he was inside freezing and in total darkness with little food. I tried to get him to come home with me but he wanted to go to his elderly fathers house in town. So with the heat cranking on high in my truck that is where I took him. I had no idea as to why his son or any of his brothers had not been out to get him and I didn't ask. I used to go and cut the grass around his place on the weekends in the summer as nobody else would. Got him out once in awhile to the store and fixed things around his place that I could. But that is all getting into the long story.

What I did find out last night was that a few days before, he was at home and it was getting late. He never heard a car pull up outside but someone was pounding on his door. He went to the door but did not open it and asked what they wanted. A black man was on his porch and didn't ask to use the phone but rather demanded that he open the door because he was GOING TO COME IN AND USE his phone. When asked why, the man said he was out of gas and to let him inside. My friend told him no several times and then called the police. When he hung up, the phone rang and it was one of the neighbors. Seems the neighbor just happened to be in the kitchen and saw this car driving slow down the street. The car then backed up and coasted down the hill and got out of the car quietly. The neighbor wanted to make sure my friend was alright when he called.
The man vanished into the night on foot before the police arrived fairly quickly. The tag on the car did not belong to that car and the police gave it a tow.
Turns out that the man had gone to another house and then another before someone let him in. He robbed the couple and got away---- for the moment anyway.

I'm just happy that my friend, who is still a fairly strong person body and soul, did not give in to this persons demanding stance. Had the man tried to come on in with force, he would have been beat with a baseball bat fore he knows not with whom he was dealing with. Though my friend is legally blind this does not mean that he can not see at all. If that fellow knew my friend for who he is and was, he would have never tried to use his forceful tactic on him. He knows not how lucky he is.

But it pays to be cautious these days when someone you don't know is at your door. Never let them in your home and don't open the door even a crack for them. It could be the last mistake you ever make. And never, never let them use the phone. That is your life line to the outside. This is most important if you are elderly or handicapped. Don't argue with them either but rather just call the police. Be cautious.


KT Did said...

Whewww! My hands were gripped to the mouse as I read this one. I am glad your friend is ok and he has you. You are a good soul. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am enjoying reading yours.

WooleyBugger said...

Well thank you kt did. He is a great person I assure you. His father passed away and so he now lives in his fathers house which is in town where this took place.
You should hear him scold his elderly neighbors on safty issues. He's no spring chicken himself but feels it's his duty.

Thanks for visiting. Your blog is very well done and I enjoy it.