Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Job

Just wanted to say that I am enjoying my new job making Aircraft and Yacht parts. Of course we make other things as well but that is the bread and butter of the business. The hours are long, 50+ a week, but the overtime and pay is a God send. I don't even mind that I'm on the road two hours every day going to and fro. The pay is good and can only go up from here.
Going to get some debts paid off to some very helpful people who've helped me over this hump the last six months. After that, I'll finally be able to begin either the PanHead rebuild or just get another. Cool thing about working in a machine shop is that now I can make, bead blast and get old parts in shape. Been itching to get these old Pan Cases cleaned up and the one broken engine mount repaired.

Also, the magazine is coming along and we have five great writers on board. As soon as they get me their finished first articles it'll be time for some layout time. Just have to get out and get some great pictures to go into the new read.

Things seem to be looking up.


MadRocka said...

Yep looks like things are lookin up for both of us..

Kick ass Rock on with yer bad self

Gymi said...

Congrats on the new job. It would be way more fun rebuilding the pan, now that you have the equipment at your disposal. I should have someting for you this weekend, Schedule conflicts with Big Toe are keeping me from getting to his place till Saturday.

Later, Gymi

WooleyBugger said...

Madrocka, even though I don't play rock anylonger I'll still like to Rock out. The old Peaveys are just collecting dust in the corner but one day soon ...... look out neighbors.

Gymi, thanks for the congratas.Rebuilding the Pan will be fun but first I just need to get my ass in the wind again. A Shover perhaps. Boss man says go ahead and bring in my parts when ever I'm ready. He says,like you, got all this equipment to make your own parts too.
Finally, I have a real cool Big Toe to work for.

Great on the article. I'm sure it will be bitchen.


Surly said...

Far out man, I'm a machinist too. At least until I took this drafting job. That may change soon though, (don't tell the boss). :)
I've got some ideas brewing for articles too. I'll have something in a few days. Gotta work the weekend though.
Let's see that pan!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wooley! Good to hear about your job! Good luck with your motorcycle too. By the way, what type of magazine is this and how do we get a copy? I like the way you write and really enjoy reading your blogs.


WooleyBugger said...

Thank anonymous, you can read more of my stuff, for the time being, over at I will continue to write for the garage as well.

The magazine is called "Two Wheel Traveler." It will cover Shovel Heads, Panheads, Flatheads, Knuckles and just about any other make of bike too. The idea is to also visit and do articles on biker/motorcyclist friendly business's and camp grounds, Motels and such that cater to the two wheel croud. There will be travel info, places to visit, Motorcycle tours, real readers rides, shows, general sillyness and perhaps some skin now and again. We'll try out equipment and other products and give our opinion on fit, finish, taste, smell or what have you. Stories too and plenty of the forgotten people and pre-Evo Harley's, and new models,in magazines these days who actually don't get much mention anymore. Home brewed bikes from wrenches who do it them selves and so much more.

To get on a list for a copy just email with subscribe in the subject line and your name and address in the body. When the mag gets into print we'll send out a notification of cover and subscription rates. I'm thinking of offering a launch t-shirt with the logo and my lovely cartoon face on it to the first 50 subscribers.

Thanks for the interst and tell your friends.


Billy Jones said...

Just don't go smuggling parts out in your lunch box in an attempt to make a Johnny Cash Yacht... 55 56 57 58 59 60 automobile... ;-)

WooleyBugger said...

Hey Poet, I do have a very large lunch box. I think the spiral stair case will look awesome on the dingy.