Monday, January 30, 2006

Oily Fleecing.

Feeling the oily fleecing yet? I have voiced my opinion of the oil companies taking us for a ride. Blaming high prices on Katrina and other hurricanes as well as the war was just a bunch of bull to raise prices. Look at how, for example. just one of the oil companies reported the biggest ever profit in history. That's right, in history, in a time that is being told to us that they are being hurt by all that's going on. Exxon reported a $10.71 Billion profit in the fourth quarter alone for 2005. Strange isn't it that they kept spinning yarns about how the storms had cut into their ability to supply fuel and that they had to spend oh so much to keep us in fuel.
Sen. Barbara Boxer, A Democrat who criticized oil executives for appearing before congress back in November, called on the Bush administration and the Federal Trade commission to put an end to the price gouging. She then suggested that FTC stands for "Friend to Chevron."

Her FTC remark seems on target. But do you think that President Bush, who has a lot to gain from these huge profits, is actually going to do anything about it while he is in office? I think not.
I can see were the oil companies have a responsibility to the stock holders but as they say. But they do not have to beat the crap out of the rest of us in the process. Why should they worry about us, is their thinking. After all, when you own the well you can have all the heat for your home and fuel for your gas guzzling vehicle that you want. Sounds like a bigger fleecing than the ENRON scandal to me but huge money keeps huge mouths shut.

I have never forgot the Exxon Valdese. Have you?


Gymi said...

No I haven't either. I just finished an article in the Air and Space Smithsonian that refreshed my memory. They made 36 billion off us last year, that fleecing is the main reason I sold my f-150 and bought a PT Cruiser. I don't drive a lot in the summer months, I'm usually on my bike so I'm saving gas anyway. But it's not like the President or Vice President are oil men ;) so I don't expect any relief in the near future.
Later, Gymi

WooleyBugger said...

Well actually, the Bush family is in the oil business and have been for a long time.

Gymi said...

10-4 W.B.
Just a touch of sarcasm on my part. I believe Cheney has oil ties as well.