Friday, February 10, 2006

Biker Build-Off Update from the Madrocka.

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'BIKER BUILD-OFF' ROARS BACK FOR FIFTH SEASON; ORIGINAL PRODUCTIONS' SERIESTO AIR IN FALL '06 Production Begins February 6-- Los Angeles, Calif. -February 6, 2006 - "Biker Build-Off," the consistently popular series fromOriginal Productions that made custom bike-building a mass culturephenomenon, is back for its fifth season on Discovery, launching in theFall of 2006.Production begins today on the latest series of contests in which 26fabricators will square off in 13 head-to-head competitions. By the timethe final detail is applied to the last bikes, these trend-setting builderswill have once again set the standard for what makes choppers cool."In the six years since we started spotlighting chopper culture, we've seenhow these bike legends as well as hot-shot newcomers connect with a huge,diverse audience," says "Biker Build-Off" creator Thom Beers, CEO andExecutive of Original Productions, and the man who first saw the televisionappeal of biker competitions. "With each series, we boost the excitementand celebrate the phenomenon even more. Season five will continue thattradition."Hugh King - known throughout the gearhead community as "The Chopper King,"thanks to his hands-on involvement as co-executive producer of the "BikerBuild-Off" series and director-producer of its predecessor, "MotorcycleMania" - has again assembled the cream of custom bike builders to competein "Biker Build-Off."given two weeks to create a custom motorcycle, from the ground up. Althoughaesthetics are crucial to all the builds, the contest also requires thebikes to work; the builders must ride them as far as 1,000 miles to majorbike events, where attendees vote for their favorite.The stakes, and tension, are raised with the fifth season, however. Eachbuilder/designer will be allowed only one packet of tools to use on theroad to the competition, and there will be no back-up truck packed withextra equipment. If a bike breaks down and the rider can't fix it with whathe's carrying, he's out of the competition.In three of the Build-Offs the trophy will go to the fastest bike ratherthan to, as in the past, the most popular. The contestants in thosematch-ups will build track and motocross bikes, then go head to head forthe top prize.Also "Biker Build-Off" season 5 will feature a woman builder for the firsttime and the most multi-cultural, multi-national lineup of artisans ever.But, then, the motorcycle subculture is growing at a ferocious pace."Biker Build-Off" has made many custom builders, who once worked inobscurity and were only known to just a handful of dedicated riders, intonational celebrities. Their shops are destinations for the millions ofbiker faithful, and their work is in great demand. A-list Hollywoodcelebrities, white-collar executives and professionals are among thegrowing audience for high end, one-of-a-kind bikes.That mass appeal doesn't surprise The Chopper King. In his years producingmotorcycle competitions - first for Original Prods.' "Motorcycle Mania"series" and then for "Biker Build-Off" - King has seen how these craftsmanconnect powerfully with viewers.The match-ups this season include:* Mike Metzger vs. Larry Linkogle: Both men build Motocross bikes, and willsubject their creations to awesome long-distance flips and jumps for thegold* Ivy Tosclair vs. Kevin Alsop: A small shop owner and prize winner fromNew Orleans goes up against a major manufacturer and legend from Big Bear,Calif.* Scott Long vs. Trevelene: Two of the toughest guys in the business faceoff in a contest to build the ultimate old-school chopper.Jesse Rooke* Roland Sands vs. Jesse Rooke: Both builders are young, both are based inSouthern California, and both are convinced they can build the fastestbike.* Paul Yaffee vs. Dave Perewitz: A pair of world famous, veteran builders -one from the Southwest, one from the Northeast - goes bike-to-bike.* Ell Pitts vs. Harold Pontarelli: Both are big names in the chopper worldand neither is comfortable with finishing in second place.* Matt Hotch vs. Roger Goldammer: The reigning "Biker Build-Off" championsquares off with the reigning world champion.Billy Lane* Billy Lane vs. Russell Mitchell: One's all-American, the other's British(although he's gone native in North Hollywood), both are looking to becrowned the undisputed stud muffin of bikerdom.* Craig Whitford vs. Mike Long: You think trikes are kids' stuff? Don'ttell these guys, two of the baddest three wheel builders around.* Kim Suter vs. Gypsy Charros: An up-and-coming female bike builder fromTexas goes against an established and famous male builder from Kansas.* Jason Hart vs. Brian Klock: They're young, extremely inventive, heavilyrewarded builders, both from the heart of the Midwest, and now they'regoing mano-a-mano.* Detroit Brothers vs. Jason Kangas: Two rough neck young brothers go upagainst one of the newest kids on the chopper block. But neither doesanything that can be mistaken for child's play.* Marcus Walz vs. Michael Prugh: A pair of the leading designers in theworld -- One's from Germany (though he works out of Florida), the other isfrom Rapid City, SD - seek global domination.

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