Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Vintage Indian O.C.C Television Bike Show.

I was pulled to the Discovery Channel to watch the OCC circus last night. It had sounded as if it was going to be a promising show. The fact that a person who used to watch the show before his death and wished to give them two old Indians to restore is what drew me in. The OCC guys picked up the bikes and brought them back to the shop. Turns out though that they had to farm the job out. It was with high hopes that they would actually do this show based on the restoration of at least one of them.
The good news is that they admitted they did not know anything about them and sent them to someone who does. At least Sr. seemed to be taking the whole request of the mans wishes to heart and wanted it done right.
The one doing the restoration has a ton of talant rebuilding old motorcycles. Now his work would make one hell of an interesting show. I can't remember his name off hand and thats shitty of me; but I do believe that he has done several bike restorations for museums too.


KT Did said...

Hi Wooley, I'm catching up. A lot missed in a week....
I saw this show too and was happy to see it being farmed out and not just laying there after a promise. I would like to see that show too!!!

WooleyBugger said...

KT!! your home. Alright. Can't wait to go over and see what you tell us about the trip.

About the bike--I'm sure it's going to be one fine job.