Thursday, March 02, 2006

Panhead Rebuild For the Dream...Or Not.

Being that so many parts are needed to get my pan on the road, I'm thinking maybe it best to pay off some debts and then just get another ride. It's been to long gathering dust and I need to get a running ride.
I did find another mostly complete Pan for sale at Panhead City but have turned my sights to either A Shovelhead or an EVO. I'd love to have that Panhead to ride but I need something to putt around on now as I am not getting any younger. For over two years when this dream of mine came to me after seeing a lot of kids in need, I contacted bike shops for some old Iron that was complete but needed work. Seems that more than one declined after finding out what I wanted to do. I didn't want a freebie bike, just something in a big twin that was mostly complete but needed work for a reasonable price. Looks like the reasonable price part is what cut the contact. And they lost all the potential media coverage for their shop.

With a new found enthusiastic person giving my Dream Ride a look, I want to try and make it work. That is how dreams get accomplished, by others seeing the dream for what it can be and helping it become a reality. So I'm on the hunt again for that elusive H-D forgotten project that quit running and is hiding in someone's shop or garage.

So maybe I can't have the amount of riders that was envisioned two years ago but a few hundred would be a start... A good start. Maybe this time the ball will get into play.

Am I just a dreamer? Do wishes ever come true? Well, sometimes they do with the right help. If I dream about it hard enough maybe it will come to be.


KT Did said...

IT WILLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! We will make it happen. Remember your dream is theirs!!
Funny...In '84 or so I took the CHP course. My husband at that time (ughghgh) rode a '57 panhead all chopped out (like Darrels on my site). I rode that one just fine (way back then--then the big divorce came into play and no riding no $$$ to go on with my dream)---I think its a ride Coast to Coast. Now or never...but then again never say never.

Anonymous said...

You can have your dreams! Do not fret! If money is needed, get up and get a second job(s). My husband worked 3 "second" jobs to make his dream come true. If it's time, set a little aside (don't neglect the family though). If it's materials, keep asking (the worst they can say is no); one day someone will say YES! Good luck and keep dreaming!

WooleyBugger said...

Thanks for the comment.

I too have worked second and third jobs seven days a week for the better part of eleven years. Even though I made good money were I was, the insurance was eating me alive. I was able to pay for health insurance [$10,000 a year ]and the wifes'self employment and business taxes. She has worked hard as well I must say. Other money went to pay for the local hospitals part of the bills for our son that all that insurance would not cover. That is how I know how tough it can be for families with children in need. If not for the Shriners Hospitals part in this I'd have been living in a cardboard shack if that is what it took for my sons care. The local hospital part is paid for now, the Shriners did not cost us a dime so...

Luckily I only have to work fifty plus hours now.

KT Did said...

This is all in won't have to get another job if it is done right. I think its all in the marketing and getting the word out. We riders like to ride, we go on rides all the time with entry can do the same...I have my feelers out already. We will see what we can accomplish with just some mental overtime (which this will take) and hopefully a lot of volunteers to make your dream come true.

WooleyBugger said...

Mental overtime? Uh Oh, now we have a problem. LOL

But really,to let people know, this is not for a business venture. This is for fund raising for kids in need of medical procedures and care.

If people will read the comments between KT and I and the 'Dream Ride' post you can see that.
I also can tell you that items like wheel chairs are just one thing that hospitals do not supply to children after leaving the hospital. And I might add that the insurance company that I had at the time told us it was not covered because it was NOT, (in their opinion) a medical necessity. Just imagine the frustration for a child with two casts on his legs being told his need for a wheel chair is not necessary. We were just lucky that the local Shrine club had one the second time around. The first time we had to pay out of our pocket to rent one.