Friday, March 17, 2006

Dream Ride gaining momentum.

Well folks, seems the Dream Ride is gaining a bit of momentum. A big thank you to the ones who have emailed their interest in the ride so far and the offers of help. There is still a long way to go with lots of planning. Seems we may even need a name change for the ride so I will have to work on that aspect as well. "Coast to Coast Riders for Charity" Hmmm "C2C Riders."
Perhaps I should have some help here for a name.

A couple of times last year I was invited to attend the Shriners Temple here and have dinner with a bunch of fantastic kids who have obtained medical care from the Shriners Hospital for crippled children in Greenville, South Carolina. Because of the care they are recieving these children are able to live better lives now. Most of them are extremely bright young people and so thankful.
Each time I visit the Shriners Hospital I have to wonder about other parents who have had children at the unit. One couple always pops into my head and I wonder how they are doing. They were up from Alabama and their stay had been longer than expected. Outside talking with them we found out they were flat broke from the trip, the father was unemployed due to medical reasons but looking for work and the mother worked a low paying job. Two more mouths to feed at home staying with Grandma who's car would not make the trip. They were so worried about their child and now they had to worry about being able to pay their rent and bills at home. Being at the hospital for two weeks meant that they had no paycheck to collect. This is the kind of thing that a parent just needs help with when their child is in this situation. Their son was going to need a wheel chair for life but the parents were upset because they didn't know when they would be able to afford one.
This is just the sort of situation the ride is for. Helping provide for such needed items as wheel chairs,crutches and other medical necessaties after the hospital. It is the same thing that I was trying to accomplish with the Project Stepping Stone concert promotions. We worked with the Victory Junction Gang Camp to raise some funds for them but the concert wasn't in the scope that was hoped for.

Being that the GarageChoppers site is no longer running at the moment, [it has been taken over and being revamped], many riders with whom I had a following have lost contact. KT Did has also suggested that we make a web page for the ride. That is a good suggestion and now I only need find out how to set one up and operate it. As soon as we can do that and come up with a good name for the ride, it will be posted up here where it is.

Some who have been here to the blog may have been confused because it isn't just motorcycle related content. Perhaps they are a bit shaken because I can write about other things as well. I was even surprised that I did have a brain for other things non-mechanical.


KT Did said...

Hey Wooley,
I am glad this is picking up for you...It will be fun getting it going. Oh yea...its your can write about anything you want...
Have a great weekend...

WooleyBugger said...

Back at you.

I guess that being that I had been doing the Garage Chopper thing for so long; people just assumed my blog page would be all about bikes too.

Hope your weekend went well.