Thursday, March 16, 2006

Nissan Altima Problem.

We went to dinner tonight with some friends and they told us about an incident at the Lowes store tonight. They went over to the Lowes building supply store, and while inside they heard an announcement on the intercom about a Nissan Altima. Seems this car was seen moving on it's own in the parking lot. Well, our friends have one and went to have a look. "OH crap!" it was their car. Someone, an employee perhaps or a good Samaritan, put some wood behind the wheels to chock it from hitting anything. I'm not sure how far it rolled though and no damage could be seen from someone perhaps bumping it.
When looking inside they could see that the car was still in park [ you can't remove the key when still in gear] and the emergency handle was engaged, but only half way. Strange too is that the doors were still locked and the alarm set.
Now they are worried that something is amiss in the transmission to cause it to not lock into park. I've looked for recalls on it and have not found any. The only thing I can think it could be is that the indicator has somehow become mis-aligned to show the car is fully in park when in fact it is not locked in all the way. I had this problem once upon a time with an older car after working on the transmission. You had to adjust the linkage point on the transmission under the car which was not that tough. But their car has not had any repairs done to it other than regular maintenance.

Anyone else had a problem with the Nissan Altima 2004 or 2005 model?

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Mr. Althouse said...

Not with an Altima, but I did have a similar experience with an '89 Ford Aerostar. It had an automatic, but the shifter was on the floor. There was no ignition interlock so that it did not have to be in park to remove the key. Not a defect, for some reason it was designed that way.

Anyway, it was not usually an issue, but one time while in a hurry, I parked, turned it off and took the keys with me. When I returned, my van was gone! I was only away for two or three minutes. Turns out it was about 50 yards across the parking lot. I parked on a tiny decline and it rolled backwards until the lot became level.

Fortunately it was late and there were hardly any cars in the lot and the ones that were there I had the good fortune of missing! Crazy, huh?