Monday, March 13, 2006

Two Things to Say.

1st) For the person who's car broke down on the 85/40 Bypass in North Carolina sometime early this morning, I hope they catch those bums who stole all four wheels off of your car. I find it hard to believe that nobody, including the State Troopers who patrol regularly on that section, did not see them. [ If the Troopers had caught them in the act, I seriously doubt the car would have just been getting a tow after sitting all day until 5:15 P.M] I also did not notice if one of the many Cameras located on poles up and down this section was close enough to capture them on film. Maybe those cameras do not pick up well at night but I'd sure be finding out. It would be fairly hard not to think it suspicious, when someone is taking the wheels off a fairly new car and just dropping it on it's axles to the pavement.

2nd) Wooleys Dream Ride. If anyone out there could possibly volunteer to help get this thing together I'd sure appreciate it. For starters would be people willing to just send me an email committing that they would join us for this Motorcycle ride. If enough people get on board we could also make it into the Guinness records and help a ton of great kids in the process; which is the goal.
To find out more about it go to the February archives and read about it under the title One of My Dreams, dated 2/19/06.

My email is
Thanks in advance to all serious interested parties.


KT Did said...

I am in my friend. I sent you an e-mail... details, details, details.

WooleyBugger said...

Well shoot fire, I already new that silly. After all, you are the reason I'm looking at it again. I mean, after the comments we have shared back and forth with the help you offered.