Sunday, March 12, 2006


This happened a few years ago but the fact that someone in my house just won't give it up brought this to mind.

Our neighbor used to sit out on her porch in the evening talking on the portable. For some reason we could hear her entire side of the conversation through our monitor. Being that we were trying to watch the tele, we turned off the monitor. The neighbor was informed of this and laughed. Turns out that she had been able to hear our conversations from the part of the monitor that was is in our sons room several times over the week. She admitted that one night while we were having relations is why she called during the act. Just to be a pain and found it funny. I asked why she didn't change the frequency channel on her phone. Because it was funny to eaves drop on us.
Had we known this sooner my wife could have screamed out her husbands name during the act. Now that would have been funny.
Those damn monitors can also be picked up on old scanners and if it is a smallish house, most everything can be heard we found out.


KT Did said...

Oh My GEEEEAAWWWWDDDD!!! Glad I never had kids!!

Gymi said...

We had the same thing with our monitor when my boy was a baby. Every time the neighbor used the phone we had to turn the damn thing off or listen to our neighbor talk about what kind of flowers she would be planting or her dogs cough.

WooleyBugger said...

It's crazy, is it not? People put these things in their home not knowing they are bugging their own house. Not to mention all the dirt you find out on your neighbors.
A buddy of mine used to listen to an old police scanner and in search mode would pick up annoying phone conversations all the time. Used to piss him off.
But I make sure I don't use a cordless when giving out any personal info over the phone anymore. No telling who's baby monitor might be picking it up.