Sunday, March 12, 2006

Such a Beautiful Day.

The windows are open
and a slight breeze is coming through the screen. As I stood in the kitchen making a pot of coffee this morning, I had to take a whiff of the newly opened package. The aroma of fresh coffee was sweet.
The squirrels are outside rummaging around the yard as I watch them is soothing to the soul.
Next door, the neighbors dogs are barking but the sound is music to me. And the birds, they are just singing their hearts out all around.
Here comes another breeze through the window that brings in that nice clean smell that to replace the stale winter house smell.
Flowers and buds on trees are peeking out as if they are yawning and stretching after the long winters nap.
Up the street can be heard the hum of a lawnmower as kids passing by are laughing and riding their bikes and skateboards.
I can hear the train in the distance blowing it's horn.
Just sitting here taking it all in and relaxing to the music, sights and sounds of a most wonderful day makes me sad for the one's who know not how to just sit and enjoy the simple pleasure.

"To much to do, to much to do" they think as they scurry about. No matter what needs to be done, it can never be done. Chores and deadlines will all be there again tomorrow and won't matter a bit after our time here is done.

I miss the old days when I was just a kid spending time on the farm or on my Grandmothers carport just being. Sitting on an old metal chair sipping a coke which was in a glass bottle while the old folks talked about simple things. A few peanuts poured into the bottle making a delicious taste as we enjoyed just...Enjoying being alive. And I must not forget the wild squirrel that would inch it's way onto my Grandmothers lap to gently take a peanut and eat it there. That is something that someone in such a hurry will never experience. Those are the memories that get encrypted in your mind for always and forever.

Have a wonderful day. I'm going outside now.


Mr. Althouse said...

That is what it's all about! Amen brother, amen.


KT Did said...

I'm on the front porch having a Dr. Pepper remember the hummingbirds landing for a sip right now...Thanks Wooley for the big breath of fresh air.

WooleyBugger said...

Nothing like a lazy day to bring the blood pressure in check thinking about good memories.

"Doctor Pepper, drink Dr. Pepper. If you drink Dr. Pepper your a Pepper too."

I enjoy a Dr. Pepper now and then. But I love a good old Root Beer.