Saturday, April 08, 2006

Latinos as Citizens

I don't want anyone to get me wrong about any foreigner wishing to come to America to live and work, Latino or otherwise. What I am against are ones who come here illegally.
America would not be what it is without all the different cultures and people from varied backgrounds.
There are many Mexicans with great talent who have come here to make a life for themselves and did it the legal way. I worked with a few at a previous employer and one in particular, Sal, became a good friend. We had a chance to talk about many issues and the one I found angered him most was the illegals working here. He told me that the legal Hispanic community was just as opposed to it as the rest of us are. They feel that it hurts everyone in the long run and makes the Hispanic community as a whole look bad. This is not what they want but rather to be a part of the American community like anyone else. Sal had to go through a lot to become an American citizen and he himself, like others, is against allowing illegals to be able to work here without putting in their fare share. It is a burden to us all and it is a fact. Illegals come over here and work but pay no taxes and they send Billions home to Mexico which helps the Mexican economy not ours. That is one of the reasons the President of Mexico (Vincent Fox) wants it to continue the way it is. And the fact of the matter is that Migrants do not want to become American citizens and are not going become one. They just want everything that American cititzens get but without putting in their fair share. Basically it is a snatch and run sort of mentality. Grab all you can while you can and leave only to come back and take some more.

Lets say I sneak into your home and eat your food, rest in your comfortable home take rides in your car as I work a job. Since I'm here anyway when you get home you decide to let me stay. I don't pay you for eating your food or the roof over my head. I keep most of all the money I earn and spend only a little. I let you worry about paying your property taxes, income taxes and even the insurance for health, home and auto. Why should I care if I get sick or injured, I'll just go to the hospital or local clinic and get it for free too. After all, the American citizens foot the bill so why should I worry about it. If I drive my car without the proper insurance and get in an accident that injures you and destoyes your car, again, why should I worry? After all, I know I'm not going to be here to be forced to pay the bills and if it gets to much, I'll just move or go back to Mexico for awhile. They don't know much about me because I'm illegal and can't track me.

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