Thursday, April 06, 2006

Banning the Flag??

It is just crazy for an American High School to ban our own countries flag on it's campus. Skyline High School ( read more at ) did just that very thing. This is our country and we should NOT be worried if some illegals or whomever living or visiting here are offended by it. This is American soil by god and it is appalling to have some that want us to not show the flag.
The public schools are owned by us, the American tax payers, those who are living here and going to our schools should know that the American flag will be flown and displayed at our schools. I feel it very disgraceful that some schools and colleges are telling students that they can not display the American flag on campus.

I read on the today about Mexicans' protesting about the immigration laws. There is also much addu about the
It also peeves me off that a bunch of Mexican flag wavers, mostly illegals, would find it within their rights to protest our illegal immigration laws. YOU are here illegally and you have no American rights to be protesting a gald dern thing. If you want to show us that you want to live here as an American citizen then you should be embracing our flag. Instead you want to wave the Mexican flag in protest. If you love Mexico so much then why don't you just go back home. Other wise, get citizenship, pay taxes and quit taking us for a ride. I, for one, am just a bit tired of you recieving free health care, free schooling, assisted housing and a free ride at our expense. Our schools and business's are catering to you with making english speaking american learn spanish. This is wrong as you should be learning our language. Why should you get benefits from a system you don't put into? You are here ilegally so you are a criminal in that respect and robbing us blind not to mention a national security threat. There are many immigrants from many countries who came here to live and work and they became citizens. In a manner of speaking, there are many Legal Mexicans over here who pay taxes into the system. Not only are you robbing us you are robbing your own people.


KT Did said...

You better believe it Wooley... boy am I fired up and pissed off with this!! I couldn't believe it when I saw the kids protesting illegally on the freeways down here---and getting away with it legally.... and now banning the flag!!...hope they get all funds cut off!!! Makes we want to get a group together to protest with our flags outside of the school... Oceanside---right down the road about an hour where there are caution signs on the freeway with figures of people running across the freeway...Like we are suppose to be careful of people illegally running on the freeway cause they crossed the border illegally?!!!---DON'T THINK SOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Its a disgrace and our Governor is lousy to let it happen... after all he's an immigrant and should be ashamed of letting this happen!! Makes me sick. I will be watching and passing this around too. Thanks Wooley for letting us know.... no other country would get away with this crap.

WooleyBugger said...

I'd just bet that if we went to another country and said that their flag offended us and demanded it be taken down, we'd be escorted away or worse.

I will wear and display the American flag whenever and where ever I want. If my sons school says I can't then I'll just have to go to jail I guess. But I'll not hide the flag for fear of offending someone on American soil much less someone here illegally.

WooleyBugger said...

P.S. and Arnold wanted to have the law amended just so he could run for president.

Billy Jones said...

Fired up ain't you?

KT Did said...

Yea...really pissed off! Fogetaboutit as far as his running for Pres....I hope thats the first thing someone brings up!!! Ya think Maria would go for it? Dunno, but she makes me sick too for staying quiet and being a demo.

Gymi said...


WooleyBugger said...

blogging poet,
Yes I guess I am a little fired up about the flag issue.
I'm not against Latinos or anyone else that would like to come here to live. What I am against are the ones who do so illegally, Latino or otherwise, and then expect to have all the rights afforded legal citizens.