Tuesday, April 04, 2006

KT Did and Her Patriot Guard Ride

KT attended and stood tall and
proud this week and I think you might like to go to her site and read up on it. She and the other riders didn't let the rain stop them from their important journey to make sure to show their respects.
It is posts like hers that make me proud to be a part of the Patriot Guard Riders and my journey has just begun.
KT, if I was to see you I'd give you a big hug and pat on the back.


KT Did said...

Ohhh, you made me cry... thank you Wooley, but its not me... its everyone who has fallen that should get mentioned. Thank you and we shall meet... I think we are destined to meet and ride your coast to coast and ride with the PGR. Just need to keep passing the word.... thanks my friend of blogdom!

WooleyBugger said...

We have not forgotten the ones who have fallen for sure. We owe them so much for that which they have done.
But I did want to let people know the kind of people that are in the PGR and your trip with your fine group is a very good example.

You know also, that the PGR will attend the funerals of other war veterans as well. It seems that to many have forgotten what the older generation went through in past wars. They deserve our respect as well and the PGR seems to step up here also. Families of veterans need only to ask and it will be done.