Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Two Wheel Inn

Alright, here is another good place to stay. The idea, like this, was once discussed on the Garage Choppers site. We had talked about the problem of being on the road on a motorcycle and the worry of your bike being in the motel parking lot in the morning. We all wondered why someone didn't do this for the motorcycle crowd as it has grown by leaps and bounds. I'd build one myself if only I had the cash outlay to do so. During the riding season you would not have enough rooms for everybody but you wouldn't have any empty either.
The http://www.twowheelinn.com has a garage attached to every room which will accommodate two motorcycles. There is also a walk in door from your room to the garage so you can keep a watchful eye on your baby. They are located on U.S 129 in Robbinsville, North Carolina and just a 25 mile ride from the tail of the dragon. If you want twisties then the tail of the dragon is for you with it's 318 curves along eleven miles of awesome scenery. Or a tire chirp from the Nantahala Gorge and the twisters on Wayah Road. The Skyline parkway is even closer for a more laid back ride.
The price for the rooms is a bit more than the other places I've mentioned however...the rooms are extremely nicely outfitted. Buy your own grub and cook it up in your rooms kitchen and then the room becomes more affordable. Plus you can be cooking up your meal and performing any maintenance chores on your bike without worry of the daylight or weather. Plus, you won't have the worry about your tools and bike going missing when you ain't looking.
I've told you about it so now go take a gander at the site.

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