Sunday, April 02, 2006

More Carolina Camping at Riders Roost

Back in 1989, two brothers, Roy and BC along with a couple brothers decided to make a fun mountain haven just for bikers. This place is Exclusively for the two wheel crowd and that means NO RV or four wheel camping of any sort.
This place is one of those more...Adult oriented places. NO! I don't mean that sort of adult oriented place. It is a place for adults to hang, cut up and play while having a good time so no children allowed.
They do not have many rules, only six, but the rules that be are absolute. "What are the rules?" you ask. Well the rules are:
NO Weapons
NO Trouble
NO Attitudes
NO Glass
NO Drugs and
NO Animals.
I don't think those are to harsh of a list of rules to abide by. After all, this is a place to have fun after all.
The Roost has both ten cabins and plenty of camping spots with very reasonable prices. They'll even feed you and the morning coffee is a freebie. To find out more go visit and see all that Roy and BC have to offer. It's a great site with plenty of info spelled out in more depth.


KT Did said...

Oh, I like this place!! Need one here in Cali.

WooleyBugger said...

Yes, and these bikers seem like a riot to be around. Not sure if they still do it or not but they used to have a great bonfire for all to gather around. If you really want to let your hair down [That is if you have any hair] this is the place to do it.
I had already designed the way my place would look if I had the $50,000 or so to do it. And I'd be open around 30 weeks a year. During the season my rustic cabins would be $36 a night or $200 for a seven day stay and camping would be about $15 a day for two on a bike and $10 for one on a bike. But I would have a Christmas bash during the winter with a huge Tree and party in the main building.