Saturday, May 13, 2006

Easy Rider The Movie

I remember seeing Easy Rider the movie on the big screen. It was to one of those midnight movie deals theatres had way, way back when I was younger. Not even sure any theatres do that anymore. It was only a buck or two to get in to see a movie after most people had gone home to sleep. Those were the days I tell you that I guess are gone now for teenagers. Just like the good old Drive-In theatres that gave movie going more of an outing with the girlfriends. The movies could be cheesy but hey! Who watched most of them anyway?
But the movie Easy Rider...The movie sucked me in and Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper had me wanting to get a chopper so I could travel on two wheels and just be free. This movie isn't actually a biker movie as biker movies go. It was more of a movie about two people trying to find what isn't there and how we all wish sometimes, that we could all just be free from life's expectancies and time constraints. It could have just as well have been two men in a 69 Camaro looking and searching for America.
After all, Camaro means friend.

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