Sunday, May 07, 2006

For Girl's who aren't Afraid Of a Little Power Between Their Legs. Motorcycle Girl Apparel by Women for Women ( hey! It's their slogan not mine) lol

Here is a place who makes motorcycle women's wear. Not only is there a bunch of clothing for motorcycle women but also a ton of cool pictures of events. Checking out the galleries inside is women's events and rides. Not to mention plenty of talented women who paint bikes and a host of other bike related happenings.
Just go check it out for yourself ladies at


KT Did said...

Hey Wooley--look at you doing some shopping for us.... love a man that knows a woman likes to shop!! Hope all is well....getting back into the swing of things after Laughlin had to take a little rest-whewww.... going up north this weekend, but will be able to apply myself to the Dream Ride more when I get back... Been on another PGR here in California we got hit hard with Fallen Heros. So anywhoooo, next week will get on the poster, etc. for the Dream Ride...
Happy Trails.

Bar Bar A said...

Dang, I wish I rode.

WooleyBugger said...

Hi ya k.t,

I bet your tuckered a tad with all of that going on.

I am looking around for other places to contact for the support of the Dream Ride. That's where the Motorcycle Girl Wear comes in.

Men like to shop to but we like to get in, get it, and get out. Unless it's a tool store. lol

The PGR is such a good thing by letting the loved ones of soldiers know their soldiers duty is honered and respected as are they.

Another week for the poster for the Dream Ride from you is worth the wait.

Mr. Althouse said...

I remember way back when there was a Harley ad that had a gorgeous woman stradling a big 80 inch V-Twin. The caption said:

"Wouldn't you rather have 6 more inches between your legs?"

Umm - yes?


Biker Betty said...

Ya Wooley, I have to echo what KT wrote, thanks for finding the web for us ladies to shop. My husband thanks you too (lol). I submitted my pic for their gallery and they have already posted it. I've had real nice chat with one of them thru the email. Very nice people.

Safe Travels Everyone, Betty :)

KT Did said...

FYI...did I really need to know about this site...NEEOOOOOOOO....did I shop and buy.....YEEEAAAASSSSS!

Okay, venting out...thanks Wooley, you might have to buy me a burger on the Dream Ride...Ha!

WooleyBugger said...

Your both welcome ladies. Just kinda thought you all might be getting tired of trying to wear things that don't fit the way you want.

Besides, biker betty, your husband should be glad so you don't have to waste the gas. I know ladies like to shop but I just don't like having to spend all that time being the pack-mule and grumbling the whole time. lol

Biker Betty said...

HooHoo, you sound like my husband!! He now makes it a rule not to clothes shop with me unless it's absolutely necessary. Actually, as soon as we're in the store he's saying we are out of time and HURRY UP(lol).