Saturday, May 06, 2006

Here are some bikes I'm checking out. Notice anything about all of them?

The white with flames is a 1978 that need some work but does run. Has some rust and could use some scrub time. But heh! I'm not looking for no show bike. If it Show enough runs then that is Show enough for me.

The black bike is pretty dern nice. That big headlight would have to go though and the mag front wheel to. The rear mag could stay because saddle bags will mostly cover it anyhow.

The grey one is a 1984 Low Rider. Well it's perty derned nice also. The front mag would ditto the above. Dig the seat and P-Pad on this one. I think they go good together but the bars...I don't know about them. It matches closely to my truck color.

The maroon one is a 1981 Low rider that is really sweet. Dig the color of this bike and the wire wheels are already there. The seat would have to go even if it is nice. To me it looks kinda bulky and the passenger half just overwhelem the back fender. A nice solo and P- pad would do it justice.

One thing that some think is a fine selling point is how loud the pipes are. Some noise is fine to me but straight threw pipes don't get it anymore. No need to get so much notice from the donut shop patrons. And it's hard to sneak home in the middle of the night with them. Give me some better than stock rumble but not ear splitting head ache loud.

All of these bikes are in the right price range for me. To many want way to much for their bikes and some more than a new one. Just because you bolted on some chrome goodies that I'd probably trash anyhow is no justification for a huge asking price. Used Harleys have gone through the roof.
One thing you will notice about all these bikes is not a one is an Evo. Nothing wrong with any of the newer mills from 1984 on up. I just like the older bikes and like the fact of one that may need some work. Having to work some on a vehicle of any sort makes it feel more like mine. I'm also having a tough time justifying $12,000 for a new Dyna. Well, mostly the payments on one makes my head spin. Probably because I haven't had to make a payment for years.

Have any of you seen the one that has really caught my interest?


Bar Bar A said...

which one???????

Thanks for the link to your friends blog, I am headed there right now.

Gymi said...

I would say the second one, it has those black shotguns. the first one's picture isn't coming up so I can't comment on that one. They are all FXDL's

WooleyBugger said...

The second one is right on the money gymi. It is a Pan/Shovel and I love the PanHeads, and, all the bikes have ShovelHeads. The pipes look just right on it and besides, they're black and not drags. Don't get me wrong as Drags are good but everyone and their sister has them. I still dig FishTails.

I don't know what the heck happened to the first picture on there. That sucka just disappeared for some reason.