Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dyna Super Glide.

Well, I done finally went to the Davis HD here in Burlington. Couldn't help myself because my last visit to an H-D dealership left me with a sour taste in my mouth. used to be right next door to where I worked on North Park Ave. The old building was small and did not have much room for Motorcycles to be displayed. The newer building is right off the interstate in a mucho larger place. What's pretty cool is the 1946 Servi car that was used by the Liberty NC police department on display. There are several restored Panheads out of reach overhead to gander at also.

When I first went in I was left alone to look at the nice assortment of New bikes on the sales floor. Or maybe I was being ignored. I didn't get that feeling though and I do like being able to look things over without being pounced on. It was only five minutes or so of actually looking at the bikes before the sales manager, Terri Wall, came over. I was checking out the FXDI Dyna Super Glide covered in fire red pearl over by the window. I'd really like to have a vivid black one, which I can get, and spoke wheels over the mags. Terri checked to see if spokes are an option and as always with me and what I want...they're not. Guess I could chunk the mags though later. The main reason I'd want the black is because I'd be in the mind to change the color anyhow and replace the tank with a larger one. Forward controls would be a needed application as well. Some small apes are to my liking because I've ridden with the drag bar deal and though alright, decided it's not what I want. That's the beauty of the FXDI is that it's not all loaded down and is a nice canvas to make your own.

The bike is rated at 50 mpg hwy/44 city with the price tag for black at $12,195. I like the solo seat as I know I'm a solo rider these days. Well, being that the two bikes I have are in pieces and one is more complete than the other. But before my Sportster was stolen I rode solo most often because I like it that way. My Panhead has been a project in waiting for to many years but I can't part with it. I've had it for so long now it's like family to me. (My pop had an antique car like that too). The Yamaha is a lost cause. It has a ton of good parts, except the rear fender which is toasted, and a complete engine and I have the whole bike now torn down. My Sportster, even though it had a king & queen that I left on for my girl friend, I prefer the look of a single seat. Perhaps with a P Pad on the fender. Speaking of Sportsters, they had a bunch of nice ones but they are a bit small for me. I prefer a longer frame with a low slung look with just a tad of stretch. I could build one for around $5000 although to get the look I like. The new sportys' do get great mileage with 57 hwy/ 48 city with a carb.

Oh well, I'm still looking for an affordable Shovel head by the way. Some I've found are going for about what they cost new in their day. Others are selling for way, way to much and if I was going to pay those prices then hell! I'd just buy a new bike.

Might go back and look at that Dyna again. Who knows.


Bar Bar A said...

the comment you left for me made my day, thank you so much for it. I'll be back to read more of your blog!

WooleyBugger said...

Your blog is putting into words for others who have been or are right where you are.
Everyone dealing with problems wants to put on a happy face for all to see while that may not be the case.
It is tiring to hear "cheer Up or be happy" when you don't feel that way. All the masses don't want to deal with problems but will talk all day about sports or how much they saved at the store etc. Things that really count are to be surpressed. Then when their friend or loved one takes their own life they seem so surprised.
Look at Phil Hartman for one. He made jokes and seemed to be on top of the world. Reality was, his real life was no joke but nobody wanted to hear that side. His wife killed him and herself. How alone he and she must have felt enduring all of that and keeping it a secret.
Why is that I wonder when someone reaches out, others turn away? Then later want to know what they could have done to help. Just talking about it can be a huge help.

Biker Betty said...

I'm fairly new to your blog. I have read it some in the past, but never posted. Good luck on your search. I was luckily enough to find my used 2002 V-Star 650 for just over 3 grand and we felt it was a great deal. It was hardly used and in mint condition. But, I'm sure your looking for a much more powerful bike which usually means more money. We found mine in the newspaper. It was the first one I even looked at. Was that lucky!!! Good luck.

hdbiker1 said...

Teresa at the harley shop in burlington will take you for everything, just like she did her boyfriend. He lost his home & life savings due to her lies & i heard he had to file bankruptcy because of her. This poor guy was on disability or something & doesnt have anything. What kind of people do you employ there.Someone with no integrity or morals for the fellow man. That is disgraceful