Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Don't Want To Talk About It.

That was the response
I got today when trying to discuss what is going on with all this illegal alien status. Some people are tired of hearing about it and just hope that by ignoring it, it will go away. After all, isn't that what or own government has done for decades, ignore it for to long until it has grown so huge? Ignoring it and not discussing it is just the reason things have gotten so out of hand.
This illegal thing is nothing new. I can remember people talking about illegals crossing the border back when I was in high school. Then again off and on through the years at places I worked. Everything that has happened with illegals crossing the borders from Mexico has been a known fact for years. But the government and most people just didn't want to think or talk about it.
Now I can't think of any person that I have talked to about it who has said anything against any group who has come here by legal means. Not a one. But the Mexicans are trying to leave out the ILLEGAL part and make it sound like a racial thing and that we don't want any immigrants country coming here to live and work. That is not the case at all no matter how much they try to twist it around.
What if the rest of us in this country decide if the illegals can get away without paying into the system, then why should we. I mean, we've earned it to haven't we? After all it's our money and work that has kept things going so maybe we are the ones who should get the break.

Immigrants did in fact help to make this country what it is today. Immigrants contribute greatly to the American way of life. Immigrants have brought many varied talents here in all facets of our society. But most came here with the right way and learned the American way and language as well. They let there past be known and are proud of what they have done to contribute. They didn't sneak over and try to keep themselves separate. Immigrants are a blessing to the USA and everything it stands for. But illegals just want to take and take and give nothing back.
Sure they buy things and pay sales tax on that but do they pay any local, state, federal or social security taxes? In your own communities you pay these fees and taxes and as the growth rate climbs up with more people who don't pay into the system, it puts an even higher burden on those of us, legal immigrants as well, to make up their difference. If you have 100,000 people in a city paying into the system but an influx of 20,000 illegals, then who has to make up the difference for the extra burden of 20,000 on utilities and taxes. Where does the extra money come from to cover the added operating costs of local, state and federal government? It comes from those of us here legally, that's where. All those immigrants who came here for a better life and became legal citizens are the same as us, American citizens and they are getting screwed just as much as the rest of us. Probably more because they had to go through a lot to become a citizen.
If you give all the illegals citizenship then what are we saying to the rest of the immigrants that wish to come here. They will all expect us to just give them what they want and the flood gates will crash open.

Hey! The illegals want to have a protest against American citizens? Well we can protest them as well. For now on if they wish to buy fuel, have them show they are here legally. Same goes for any other establishment and or government office. Not a citizen or have a work visa, then you can't buy or work here period. Can't buy a car, house, rent an apartment, alcohol, movie ticket, tires, clothes, shoes. Absolutely no work for an illegal of any sort. They want to show us how important illegals are here to us then let's show them by cutting off what they get for free and refusing them any form of service. They want to try and push us into a corner and dictate to us what demands they have. Let's push them back by playing there own game. We'll be peaceful about it. We need to get together with our American flag and march through their communities and make our demands known as well to them.

We're not saying no to Immigrants as a whole as we embrace and welcome you, just the illegal ones.


KT Did said...

The illegal thing really still pisses me off. Ruined our ride into Bullhead on Monday. I won't go to any stores, restaurants, etc. that closed on that day either. I won't support any illegal alliens unless they go through the process or their country lets me disgrace it as they do mine when they protest here as illegals -- legally!!!! Period, I don't apologize -- that's it! Call me insensitive and I will throw you--"I am American-- are you? I HAVE the RIGHT-- YOU DON'T!"

WooleyBugger said...

Know what else. I heard it on the radio that illegals from Mexico are being told to pull the race card when(among other things)it comes to being pulled over. They are claiming it to be profiling.
Also in California an illegal was on a crime spree, robbing, rape and driving without a license etc. Law enforcement was forbidden to release information to imigration or other agencies about the criminal being here illegally or share info about crimes he commited.

Illegals have more rights than we do in our own country.

Lou said...

What we have is a dead lock in Washington DC on the illegal immigrant issue. President Bush is not listening to the people who elected him. The Republican majority in both houses of Congress is not listening. The Democrats are not listening either. We need to organize a vote for the independant party this next election.

Bar Bar A said...

I agree with you!!!