Monday, May 01, 2006

You Didn't Tip The Flower Delivery Guy!

Look, I know it's customary to tip the Pizza delivery person, waitress/waiter, porter, the paper people and perhaps the Taxi driver. But how many tip the Flower delivery person?
I'll just bet you will tip the pretty waitress or the handsome waiter and, you tip the Pizza person because it's well known if you tip well, then next time you order pizza you'll get yours first over the low or no tipper.
For the Flower delivery person and the pizza person, they use their own gas most times to make your delivery to you. They also don't make the best of wages either so they count on tips.

Here is another misconception; White guys make more money so they don't need a tip. What ever gave people that crazy idea? Minorities, and female flower delivery persons will pull in good tips but the white male hardly gets any. Just remember that next time you send flowers to your loved one or you are the receiver.

Mothers Day is just around the corner so remember (ALL) the flowers that have to be delivered.
The flower delivery MAN could use a tip too.

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Bar Bar A said...

I had no idea you were suppose to tip the flower guy...and I just got flowers sent to me three times! Getting flowers is such an unexpected and exciting surprise (for me anyhow) I don't even remember if the delivery guy was a guy or a girl, all I saw was roses :(