Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Squeaky Hinges at Home ? O'le Lady pissed off cause you came home late?Wooley's gotcha covered.

Hey K.T and Gymi, got another one for you.
Are those pesky door and cabinet hinge squeaks giving you a fit? Are you tired of trying to sneak in late only to have that pesky tattle tale door hinge give you up? How about sneaking a midnight snack and the pantry or cabinet door squeak out loud "Hey! Come quick. Your spouse in sneaking that forbidden midnight snack".

Well take a listen here. I gotcha covered on this one.
I got fed up with all the doors that squeak ever louder it seems when the house is asleep. It's a pisser to try and sneak out to make a midnight store run with doors that holler out louder than a four alarm fire horn. Like many of you out there, I tried the WD-40, Liquid Wrench, 3&1 oil even Vasoline and all the others. They are messy and only work a little while and begins again. That little eke sound that after a few days grows to an ear piercing "SQUEAK, Wooleys home." Not to forget that the little tattle tale mutt begins barking like crazy and won't shut-up while the big dog just rolls it's eyes, knowing it's me, and slowly walks over to give a hello sniff and yawn before lying back down un-alarmed.

So I gotcha covered. Go to the auto parts store and get a small tube of white lithium grease. Pop out your door hinge pins one at a time and apply a thin line of the lithium grease to the pin. Take a finger and spread it all around the pin that goes inside the hinge. Not to much though. You only need a thin layer covering the pin itself. Now tap it back into the hinge and do the others. When your finished work the door back and forth a few times and the pesky squeal and squeak is gone. It works really good on all those bathroom doors and cabinets to. It holds up most dependably over anything else you've tried. It should. It's what the auto manufacturers use on all your auto hinges and it lasts and works in all kinds of out door weather. So you know it will last a very long time in the home. All my homes doors were done way over 2 years ago by me. I've been squeaky free every since.


Gymi said...

lithium grease it's the new WD-40 and it's even water proof. Thanks for the tip Wooley, since I started using the lithium, I haven't been hit by one frying pan.

WooleyBugger said...

Yea man! Those cast iron frying pans can hurt.
I only wish that I had this fiqured out when I was a teenager. My folks kitchen door always seemed to scream louder at 2 a.m then at 2 p.m.

Biker Betty said...

You guys are aweful! After all, it's the squeaky stairs and floors in my house that gives a person away and there isn't any grease for that (Lol)!!!

KT Did said...

OOOHHHHHH Sneeeekkkeeeee!! Need to test it out on the computer room door. I am in here late most nights and really have to creep outta here so as not to be heard--or BUSTED as in your case!! Ha! Thanks for the tip Wooley.

WooleyBugger said...

Give it a try kt. and let us know.

Oh! And biker betty, I also have something to stop those darned stairs and floors. They are called "pallet nails" and work fantastic. They twist when they go in and will not work loose as little barbs keep them set. That's why they use them on shipping pallets.

Mr. Althouse said...

Hey Wooley, check these babies out.