Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Working On The Magazine

I've been trying to figure which is the best system to use for the "Two Wheel Traveler" magazine. At the moment it looks all very confusing to say the least. But which one should I use? Quark, Adobe InDesign 2.0 etc, etc. This is the high tech route that is accepted at most printers these days and the files can be sent directly to them for printing. Thing is though, the old sheet fed process can still be utilized for a smaller publication and sent snail mail or hand deliver. Being that I am one of those late in the game computer users, I get flustrated, yes I said flustrated as in; flustered while at the same time getting frustrated.
The old type of page layout is much easier for me to manipulate rather than trying out a computer software program. And the old way is much cheaper for a miniscule budget as mine instead of the over $600 and up for the software.

If you go online and try to find information on printing or page layout the old way, you'll not find anything on it that shows or tells you how. You will find a ton of information that is vague at best and often. Page after page of software information and yet, it still won't show you how to do page layouts.

Now, I have my magazine in the works and on a file with some of the content but I still need to get out and get a few articles done up on some bikes and get pictures. I'm going for a small first issue somewhere in the forty to forty eight page range with a few advertisers to start with. My first copy issue of the Easy Riders magazine of 1971 began small as did Playboy. The Easy Rider magazine is an inspiration for me and is a good reference at how to begin.

I'll close this post now as I just wanted to let anyone interested about where I've been instead of blogging. The magazine and the Dream Ride are taking most of my limited time during the week.



Biker Betty said...

I know what it's like to be very busy. This afternoon is my first time in many days checking out everyone else is up to. I've had both my sons graduating and been very busy with them both. One graduated from elementary and the other from high school (that one was hard, *sniff*).

Doing the research you're doing takes loads of time. It's hard when trying to figure out so many different ways to do your project. Best of luck in working it out. Let us know when it's out.

KT Did said...

I am confused as you! Ughghghghg! Been busy too Wooley, hope all is well. Sometimes we get a little thin spread out, but get through it. Hope all is well..sorry I can't be of any help as far as the project, its all rocket science to me....