Thursday, July 13, 2006

401 K Loss

This hacks me off that my 401k has lost money again. I'm almost back down to were I was at the end of 2005 with it. Back in 2001, I lost almost all of it but was advised to leave it in. I was told "It will come back." My answer to that was that not the money I lost because its gone.

Now it's taking a dive once again and I can't keep taking losses like this. Thing is, they never tell you why its gone...just its gone. I even wondered if the company I was with in 2001 may have dipped into it but there's no way to tell.
I'd be better off taking it out and buying savings bonds. At least you know they will be there. Sure, they don't earn as much as a 401k but when your 401k can drop like a lead balloon over night then the saving bond is a better bet. Plus, your not taxed and penalized all to hell and back with a bond. You've already paid tax on the initial investment.

Think I'll pull my 401k and put it in bonds. What good is 30,000 in 401k when tomorrow it's gone out the window and you have to begin again which I've already done once?

Happy thoughts...Happy thoughts


scaredofu said...

Don't you receive a statement from the bank or holding company every month or every quarter? (You can request one if you are not recieving one.) The bank statement should tell you what you had, how it was lost or gained, and (this is what mine has on it) suggestions on what to invest. You take a look and have someone in a financial position that you trust, take a look. Maybe all is not lost.

WooleyBugger said...

Yes I do get a statement every quarter. That's when I read that I had lost money. The last quarter I had gained some but the loss this quarter was much more than the gain.
If I pull it out now and invest it in bonds, even after the hefty penalties which is a crock, I will gain back the loss plus have some left to buy more bank stock.