Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Diesel Powered Motorcycles

A couple of years back when I was writing for Garage Choppers, we had a discussion about bio-diesel. It was all related to what has NOW become the fore front of many discussions on the Radio and the net. Why do we keep paying such high prices at the pump when we can drive diesel and make the fuel to run it at our own home? You can make your own fuel from corn and other plant life that is re-newable. The highest octane fuel is obtained from fruit. But the thing is, is that you can make your own fuel cheap and right at your own home. The process really isn't that complicated to do.

Farmers can now make a decent living that they deserve from their own fields that the Government won't let them grow food on. Could it be soon that the farmers will band together and be the next multi-billionaires in the fuel industry? Will the government finally use the highway medians and shoulders to grow corn for fuel on otherwise un-used land? Will people begin growing their own fuel in their own yards? Only time will tell.

Did you know that you can make motorfuel for gas engines from rice? It's true I tell you. What do you think the Japanese Zeros ran on? They ran on rice fuel of course. That's the reason for the term "Rice Burner" that is used today when referring to a Japanese motorcycle.
And speaking of Japanese motorcycles and bio-diesel, Kawasaki has been making a motorcycle for the armed forces, which our military has used, together with a company in California. It's the M1030M1 and it gets a whopping 120mpg and has a top speed above 85 mph and a lot of pulling grunt power.
But they, Kawasaki, were not the first to make such a vehicle. Royal Enfield was making them long ago as were other companies on a small scale. There is even a fellow who has made a Diesel Powered Harley Davidson Fatboy that he runs off of Soybean Oil. You can run a bio-diesel from many forms of oil. Canola, soybean, corn, sunflower and all the others right off the store shelf in a pinch. Check out this site for plenty of information on Diesel Powered Motorcycles

While your at it; why not make your own electricity as well? Buy a diesel powered generator and make the bio-diesel to run it. Hey! Almost free fuel for your ride and for your home plus you can fry up some chicken and when your done, pour the strained oil in your tank and ride to the beer store.

The bottom line to all of this is that car and motorcycle manufacturers have the knowledge and the ability to give us higher fuel economy vehicles but the government wishes to keep us addicted to gasoline fuel.

Did you know that the fuel oil used to heat many homes is the same thing that is run in vehicle engines? The only difference is that the diesel used on farms and for heating oil has no road use tax on it. They also put a colored dye in it and if you are caught using the fuel oil on the road there is a hefty fine. But...When you purchase gasoline for your dirtbike, fourwheeler, lawnmower, log splitter , chainsaw etc. you ARE paying a road tax on it. Does that suck or what?

Oh! and one more thing here. If your car gets wrecked and/or totaled and you had gas in the tank...go to the lot and drain it out. It is yours and does not belong to the wrecker company. Your insurance does not reimburse you for the gas/diesel and at todays prices you can't afford to leave it there. Because believe you me, the wrecker companies count on you leaving it there so the can run all their personal and company vehicles for free at your expense. Go to a junk yard and check out the wrecks. Find any fuel in any tanks?

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KT Did said...

How did we all get so complicated? I think we might not have a choice but to get back to basics.... Rice, hmmmmm in a Harley?