Sunday, July 23, 2006

Homeless man Finds Bonds

Have you heard about the homeless man in Detroit who found some bonds in the trash?
Seems that he was searching through the trash for bottles and found some $21,000 in bonds in a bag of clothes. He turned them into the homeless shelter who contacted the family of the owner. The owner had died in 2004 and his clothes were thrown out. Anyway, thwe family claimed the bonds and left a $100 reward for the man who found them.

You know what? That really sucks of the family. This fellow finds bonds they didn't even know about and all they can give him is a lousy $100. They should have done more for him. I mean, they could show more thanks by perhaps helping him somehow. He could have just as easily destroyed those bonds because he knew he couldn't cash them in. He did the right thing and still got screwed.

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KT Did said...

Greed at it's highest power!