Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Patent Info

I know, I know, this isn't about motorcycles...again. I do have something bike related for perhaps this weekend but not yet. I find it hard to write about motorcycles because mine are in pieces and I'm trying to figure out how to get a complete one. I'm planning this ride gig for next year and still don't have something complete to ride on. My Panhead Engine rebuild alone would cost what a good used Shovelhead would cost and finding what I need for it is so overpriced anymore. Have you seen the prices for Panhead parts...used? Collectors and eBay have driven everything to the stratosphere. My 1977 Yamaha is not even worth mentioning unless someone needs it for parts. I have anything you would need for one you might be restoring.

But this is where the Patent info comes in. I have made some proto-type parts for a product and wonder if anyone knows what the process is for getting at least a Patent Pending for them. After searching and trying different things I've come up with something. Talking the idea around with a few people, they too agree that this item will be a seller. Talking with a gentleman tonight who has 27 years in sales and marketing, I was given some pointers and what the next step should be before showing the item around to anyone else, less someone steals the idea. He's seen it happen before.

So, how do I get the papers for filing a patent and should I have a lawyer involved? You see ads for patent kits but that, I'm told, is just not the way to go. It's been suggested to me that this item might have more potential in sales than was originally anticipated by me. I was looking at possibly 1200 to 1500 units a year but have been told the numbers would most likely be higher so doing it from home at first would be fine only, don't count on operating from home to long. Even got a wild hair and looked at a small cheap building to operate from should the need arise however, I know it would be down the line but it's fun looking.
The fact is, all I wanted to do was sell enough to finance my motorcycle and ride for next year and didn't actually count on the type of response I've received.
I guess sometimes things just fall in your lap when your not looking to make a windfall.

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KT Did said...

Hey Wooley, Go to your State Department of Corporations.... they should have patent material. But what you should really do is see a patent lawyer for this. That way you know its going to be done right. Spend the $$ and get a good one. Check out your bar association and get a referral or two and interview them. Good luck with this...hope all turns out well. And you are right.... I guess I should of been thinking that a hot day of riding IS better than a day at work!!