Wednesday, July 05, 2006


My son has all these girls calling him and emailing all the time. One of them even gave him a Sexy Hooters Girl swimsuit poster for his room. Now he's bugging me to take him to Hooters for lunch so he can check out the ladies.

Guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and take him this weekend.
Ho hum. The things we fathers have to go through for our sons.


KT Did said...

That age!! Jeezzz remember that age! Beatles music was my fancy... now Hooters. Let's face it...I'm old.

Biker Betty said...

Things start too young now a days. I can't believe a girl gave him a Hooters poster!! My oldest (18) went to Hooters for the first time this last year. A friend of his had a birthday celebration there. His only comment "The food was so-so." LOL!! My youngest son (12) can care less, Thank you Lord!!!

I'm old-fashioned. A trip to Hooters should wait till 17-18 years old. I'd take them bowling instead, lol. Much more fun!!

Good Luck, Betty :)

WooleyBugger said...

I think Hooters gets a bad rap. People who have not been there seem to think it's like a strip club or something.
I can tell you this, my son could see a whole lot more flesh at the beach or the pool and even more just on the old television with kids shows included. Gymnastics women have on less and have you ever seen womens Volley Ball or one of those reality shows or ice skating?
Hooters is not what you think. Families go there to Hooters... bringing children of all ages and it was fun.

But I do respect your ideals and all and can't fault you for that.

Biker Betty said...

Not being familiar with Hooters, I'm just going by the name and billboards. My husband was just yesterday telling me the same as you just said, that it's just a restaurant and the waitress' are dressed like all the other restaurants in town. So I guess some day we just may walk thru their doors.

WooleyBugger said...

Betty, it's a fun place to go. Just don't tell them it's your first time OR your Birthday.

k.t., ahhh your not to old and you'd have a good time. The one here has bike nights so you and your Gal's could go check it out.