Wednesday, July 05, 2006

We Owe Them Damn it

So many of our soldiers are coming home to nothing. They put their lives, not just body, but soul and well being as well on the line for us. And not just the short term but in the long outlook to. What have many of them found when they returned after having served so well? After helping to free and give people from a disfunctional country a better life. They come home to find out they have no home, no job prospects and nothing more than a piddly sum of $337 or less a month for a disabled vet. They try to adjust and return to a normal life after living 24/7 on the alert. The possibilities of realistic death looming over them at all times in a war zone that has no clear definitive lines.

These men and women are getting the shaft and being thrown to the wolves in an economy already in a huge job decline. In this, the world at home, they have to start all over again and those with families to support who once lived in military housing are made to leave finding themselves without shelter. Oh sure! Some will say they could get a job flipping hamburgers but who can support a family much less themselves on pay at or just above minimum wage? A cheap apartment goes for $350 for one room.

The military gives soldiers training after training for going into battle however, there is no training or help when their time of serving us is up. Ex convicts get more help being re-introduced into the world beyond the walls than a soldier does.
According to government figures, there are around 200,000 homeless vets from Vietnam to now and those figures are only going to rise.
Military ads proudly claim that they give soldiers skills that they can use in civilian life. Yea right! How many jobs do you know of for a tank gunner or foot soldier etc? We have plain old bums who have never held a job getting social security and housing for free for having done nothing. And we have illegals living off of us with free government help and services they have not a right to. All of these do gooders standing up and speaking out for illegals and their rights to the American way of life loudly everywhere.
Who is standing up and screaming out loud for the veterans who deserve it but don't receive it?

Our veterans deserve better than this from us and our government who sent them in harms way for others. There are used mobile homes just sitting on lots all across this nation. The government has millions of acres of un-used land and empty lots around. Can't we at least give these soldiers a home for a transitional period back into civilian life? We do it for them when they are in training for war. Shouldn't we provide for them just as much when they return home to us? It is not just to treat them as has beens and tell them thank you...see you later...bye.


KT Did said...

I hear another run a callin'. You are so right Wooley. Unfortunately unless people get together and make a difference in voting or speaking up, nothing will change.

WooleyBugger said...

It would be a good run and with a high purpose that needs to be addressed now,today and not something to forget about.
It would take the likes of someone like Jesse James getting behind it. I saw the show he did with the troops to build a hot rod Hummer.
That did alot for our soldiers even though the Hummer needed a part they couldn't get.
Just goes to show that while the government ties everything up in red tape, people like Jesse actually get it done.

KT Did said...

I agree... I saw it too. You could feel their gusto over the tv. Made me even more proud to be from this country. Yea, Jesse has a great personality to get to the root of all things. I like it. He also has the $$. So he is paying back and that is great! What's happening on our Dream Ride?

WooleyBugger said...

I'm a bit stuck right now on the ride and not sure how to proceed yet. The fund raising part has me snafude.