Monday, August 07, 2006

World Trade Center

I missed it by two days but, the ground breaking for the World Trade Center was on August 5th 1966.
Not much else for me to mention about the WTC because I was only four at the time except that 1966 was also the year of the updated new Volkswagen (Peoples Car) Beetle.
It was the only year for the 1300cc engine which obtained 28.6 mpg and the car had a top speed of 74 mph. It also sported new vented wheels to help cool the drum brakes all for around $1700.

I've been checking out old Beetles and Karmann-ghias. Karmann-ghias were built mostly in Brazil and takes it's name from it's designer. The bodies were mostly unchanged from 1955 to 1974 but had a more powerful engine which could reach 80 mph. They also produced convertible versions which are a rare find today.

What do the WTC and Volkswagen have to do with one another? Only that the visions of men who wanted to make the world a better place did so with lasting perserverance (Spelling). Unlike other parts of the world bent on nothing but destruction, pain and suffering.

Just a little of my own thoughts about where the world has been and what it is becoming. What would the world be like if we all destroyed others creations and killed those that we didn't like or understand? How is it that two different species of wasps can live next to each other in the same six hole birdhouse but we as humans can not? We are the only species on earth who will try to destroy all of the others heard because they are different.

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