Thursday, August 17, 2006

Go-karts, Motorcycles and a Harley Joke

(I've been pretty damned tired when I get home from work these days. Ten hour days and a two hour drive just drain me out. Other family matters are having to be dealt with too. So the lack of content has been the result to my blogging).

My sons birthday is this Saturday and he wants to go to the go-kart track for some competition. He's a pretty good driver so I don't EVER just let him win. He's a tough cookie to pass and stay ahead of.

When I was his age, I had my own kart and spent, god only knows how many, hours on that thing. I am a firm believer that a kid having a go-kart or a motorcycle actually does make them a much better driver than their peers when it comes time for the real thing. It puts them way ahead by the fact that they have learned how to control a vehicle. By the time they get behind the wheel/bars of a street vehicle the driving and knowing what to do is already embedded and they know how to re-act by instinct.

Go-karts and motorcycles are actually teaching them but to them they are just having a good time. It teaches braking and how to control a slide to action and reaction of a vehicle. I also credit my youthful use of karts and motorcycles for saving my ass more than once on both types of vehicles when I got my license. Only have had one accident in all my years that was my fault in a car and it was a minor bump up. And, when it snows or gets icy I can control a vehicle and know what to do. I would highly recommend that parents of pre-teens and teens allow these kids to have at least one of these. You may think it's dangerous, and I won't say there not, but you'll have much less to worry about when they come of driving age. They should be supervised but also allowed to experiment with the vehicle.

My parents also enrolled me in a driver education course when I was fifteen which was not just one of those driver ed cars with the big sign on top. Nope, this was a closed course that had most everything you'd encounter on the road to teach in a safer environment. They even had a skid pad which would put the car in a skid on wet pavement and you had to correct. Traffic lights, highway on ramps, curvey roads and etc. Myself and a couple of others aced the course because we had a heads up on the others be cause of go-karts and what not. We didn't know everything when we started but we knew a ton more than most kids getting behind the wheel. The driver course took care of the rest.
My parents where pleased and the taking of the course got them lower rates for insuring a teen driver.

But anyway, about the Harley joke. Dawn Skip, A friend from Britain who publishes her own Magazine called "Anything Goes", sent me this and I thought I'd share it. She and her husband were riding long before most of us were even born, just so's ya know.

Joke: What is the difference between a Harley and a Hoover?
Answer: The location of the dirt bag. ----hey!!!

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KT Did said...

I know the tired thing!! Hope all is well with you. Been really busy lately too. Hope your son had a great birthday... Thanks for the joke! Ha!