Saturday, September 02, 2006

Class Action lawsuit Against GM For Chevy 3.1 Liter Engines Needed

You know, I've really had it with the GM 3.1 liter engine and it's leaking intake gasket. The one I have has had to be repaired three times already. The first time it was repaired it was still under warranty but the other times it was out of my pocket to the tune of over six hundred dollars. All of the regular maintenance on this car, including the 3000 mile oil changes, were done at a dealership in Burlington NC. The last time the intake was replaced was by a different shop only a year ago. The intake is now leaking again.
Now, the GM mechanic told us that this is a recurring problem with these engines because of the gasket, which is the culprit, between the aluminum intake and the Iron block. So GM knows there is a problem with all these engines and kept putting them in production cars over the course of several years. Monte Carlos, Lumina sedans and Lumina Vans as well as millions of other GM products.
Going on the net searching for others with this same problem is no problem at all. Just type in '3.1 Lumina engine problems' and you can read up on many who have been cheated by GM.
I've seen some really nice Monte Carlo's and Luminas for sale with low prices. Most of these cars are in great shape and I used to wonder why so cheap. After having ours for so long I know exactly why they are so cheap. People can't justify repairing them over and over which is every 15,000 miles or so and many with less miles. The only option is to pay out another $634 for labor plus the cost of the gasket and then unload the car on another sucker or just forgo fixing it and sell it cheap.
GM talks up quality products in their line up but that's just talk. The rest of the car is fine and great but what good is it if the engine is constantly breaking down? It's highway robbery to keep making the owners of GM 3.1 litre powered vehicles keep paying to have a known manufacturing defect replaced!!!
We've been told that this is a common problem and they all do it. So what, that's supposed to make everything better?
"Oh, okay Mr GM Goodwrench. Since they all have the same problem I feel much better now. Here's my $634 dollars and I'll see you in six months to have the intake replaced again."

( For Sale. 1998 Chevy Lumina, Maroon with grey cloth interior. pw, pl,cc, cold air, am/fm cassette, excellent paint and body, new brakes and tires. GM Dealer serviced until last year. Low miles, Oil changes every 3000 miles, intake changed every fifteen thousand. Hurry, won't last long, the intake gasket that is!!).

Hey! Who was that masked man? Oh! It was Mr. GoodWrench.

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