Monday, September 04, 2006

Watch Out For The Dog

My dog hangs right with me when I'm at home. She sits at my feet when I'm typing and/or writing on my book or at the computer. Seems I can't get up and even go to the bathroom without her wanting to be right there. In the can with the door closed she will either sit right outside the door whining or hit the door and knock it open if it's not latched tight. Why, she even seems to think she is a lap dog and will hop up in my chair and lay on top of me wanting attention. If not in my lap then she can be found at my feet sleeping or keeping watch.

Motorcycles outside don't faze her at all but strange cars get her attention up. She seems to like the motorcycles going past and will watch them without much concern. Most dogs will bark and go crazy but she acts like it's nothing at all.

As with most dogs she knows how to let me know what she needs. She will pace from my chair to the door then look at me with a "Hey! I gotta go out man" with her head cocked slightly with a hurry up look. If her water bowl is empty she will sit down in front of me and put her paw on my hand. When the old hunger gets her she will knock her food bowl across the floor then walk away with a certain body language I don't know how to describe. If I don't get her food she does it again.
First thing in the morning when I just open my eyes and make any movement she begins whining and staring at me until I go into the kitchen and get a cup of coffee. Then I get her breakfast and she usually only eats if I stay right there.

But if someone comes to the back door at anytime while I'm asleep in my chair, or otherwise, she makes herself known by showing her teeth and barking loudly. If that person persists and reaches the door, she will hit the door hard like a mad dog and her hair standing on end. She's busted the Plexiglas panel that protects the glass more than once. On more than one occasion she has had to be put in the kennel just so the person can come inside. Otherwise, I'm afraid she might chew on them a bit. The dog is more protective of me than anyone else in the house for some reason. She did try to rip the throat of our other dog out when my son was playing with it and made a sound that sounded like he was afraid. She grabbed that dog by the throat and literally picked her up and slammed it against the television. She thought, I'm sure, that the other dog was trying to hurt him and wasn't going to let that happen.

So watch out for the dog when coming to my house...Unless your the pizza man. He comes to the front door and she whines and wags her tail for him. She knows when to expect the pizza man because the front door will be open wide. She will sit and look out the storm door searching up and down the road like a sentry. When the pizza car stops in front of the house the dog acts like a puppy and gets excited like a little kid at Christmas and I'd swear she's giggling with the sound she makes. But, if that front door is closed and she hears a knock or the bell ring...Wholly shit does she get mad.

Right now she is laying here blocking the doorway from this room into the hallway. As soon as she hears this computer say "Goodbye" She's going to be up in a flash to follow me through the castle.


KT Did said...

Ahhh..aren't dogs the best! I had 2 Tiffany-she had to be put down. She was such an angel..every step I took, she took with me. She was a princess... then came Andy. Well, what can I say?--He's Ralph Cramden all over. I love him though. He likes bikes too, but won't get on mine--wish he would. He'd look good with goggles.

Biker Betty said...

Our dog has picked me to mostly hang out with. Now that my oldest is off to college, when he's visiting Herbie will hang out with him. Usually Herbie can be found right "under" my feet, if I let him. I don't know how many times he has tripped me up, lol.

He will follow me anywhere he can. Sometimes I will tell him I will be right back, but he gets up and follows me to and fro. He wants to be a lap dog, but he's got the body of a golden lap and the legs of a bassett hound (he's half of each) and he's just darn too big. Sometimes my heart will give and I will let him up on the couch to sit on my lap, lol.

Just like your dog, Herbie's hair will go right up when someone knocks on the door. He scares the living daylights of anyone at the door.

You sound like you have a wonderful dog.

Biker Betty said...

PS: My dog has the body of a golden lab (not lap, lol) and the legs of a bassett hound. He is soo cute.

WooleyBugger said...

Dogs are great and their love and adoration is unconditional--ya know?

My parents had a cool Corgie named Emmy. Everywhere they went people would come up to ask if she was a Corgie and strike up a conversation. She died a year ago and my Pop was devistated.

My dog is an English Springer Spaniel. It's fantastic to watch her out in the grass when she springs.
If you rub her behind the ears she purr's like a cat. First dog I ever had that would purr. hehe
I spoil her.

I used to own two Akitas. If you have never seen one look them up.
Helen Keller was the first American that the Japanese allowed to own one and bring to the states. Her puppy was given to her in a ceremony as a gift of friendship from Japan. It's name was "Kamikaze" which means Devine Wind. Akitas were once owned only by the aristocracy.
These are the absolute best dogs to have as they tolerate children better than any other breed around.