Thursday, October 05, 2006


Another anniversary of the plane crash and death of three members of the Skynyrd Band and their road manager as well as both pilots is upon us once again. The date was October,20th, 1977 when the plane left Greenville South Carolina and crashed in a remote section of Gillsburg Mississippi with twenty six people on board. If your a fan of the band like I am and you grew up listening to these guys perform before the crash then this should be of interest to you. I feel a bit of a connection to them as they used to visit and record at Studio One in Doraville Georgia. They recorded and remixed the 1973 Pronounced album there which was not to far from where I grew up. It is the same town that the Atlanta Rhythm Section (anyone remember them?) wrote their song "Doraville" about. "Doraville, country country in the city. Doraville, it ain't much but it's home..."
Oh the many big time artists that recorded there in that little out of the way studio by the railroad tracks. Nuthin Fancy for sure about the place. That's what made it such a great secret place to record.

I found an interview, with pictures of the plane; of Jacquelyn Cooper by Pat Adams. This is probably the best onsite account that I have ever read about this incident. It tells of how her aunt held one of the victims in her arms trying to comfort him without knowing who he was. All of the people who were really first on the scene and especially an account of Artimus Pyle's claim of going for help. If your a Skynyrd fan then you truly should read these first hand accounts by the resident of the area on what happened out there on that cool October evening that thrust many of us into disbelief. Read all about it here : and please respect the site and don't copy any of the pictures.


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