Monday, October 09, 2006

Paul Yaffee and Indian Larry

In the past I have sworn off the biker build off stuff
as it did not seem to fit with what (I) thought a chopper is or should be. To me a chopper is built by beginning with a factory motorcycle and then modifying it. Chopping pieces and parts off to make it lighter or different looking.
Although I am partial to the older iron out there, I can no longer keep a blind eye to what the builders are doing these days, I'm coming around. Of course Indian Larry has/had always been the exception to my chopper thinking. Indian Larry knew how to build a new bike with new technologies and still being able to pull off the classic bare bones look of a chopped stocker with a tad of flash.
Tonight I was watching the newest build off that I have seen featuring Paul Yaffe and Dave Perewitz. In one of the segments Paul made known a piece of a conversation between he and Larry. Like myself, Larry loved the mechanical pieces and parts, the workings if you will, that make a motorcycle tick. Paul made reference to that kind of thinking that Indian Larry instilled in him and he has not forgotten the words. Looking at Pauls bike for this show you can plainly see how much the icon Larry affected this bike. It's evident in the beauty of the blending of both mens idea of a chopper in this one for sure. It's almost as if the two of them built it together melting old and new. A bit of Larrys style lives on in the motorcycle and fits well with Pauls newer ideas and innovation. The frame, Paint color with metal flake, tank ,seat and oilbag all look just like Larry did it himself and then passed it over to Paul for his touch.
It really is an awesome looking ride that breathes excitement.

After Daves bike breaks down Paul again reminds me of how Larry thought about the machines of other builders. I now have a much larger respect for Yaffe and his creations. Dave already had my respect because of his outlook even if not his motorcycle creation...this time.
It does not matter who won this one because both of them are fantastic artisans in their own right.

New choppers? Heh! I'm coming around to some of them.

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