Saturday, November 25, 2006

Motorcycle People Love Indie Music Too

Many of us old folgies are stuck in the sixties and seventies era of music. We listen to the stations playing the same old hits day after day with no change in format. Main stream bands of days gone by who had plenty of hits but the stations only play a few of the popular songs until we are sick to death of them. How many of you are still wearing the same style of clothes from way back when or don't have a cell phone, computer or a color television set? It's time to shake off our cobwebs and get with it (As they used to say).

Main stream radio these days seem to have the same old thing over and over.Have you noticed that several stations have gone over to talk radio or if they do play music it's the same old tired stuff. I'm not sure but I wonder if the monopoly of clear channel had anything to do with it. Decide for yourself and look up clear channel radio on your computer and read what has been happening to radio stations all over the country.

About Indie music. Indie music is musicians who have decided not to go the big record label route and go it themselves. These are serious players who are out there playing small clubs and venues all over. Thousands of great musicians putting out great music of all types that never get any airplay. Groups like Abe Reed and The Spikedrivers, Lee Tyler Post, Splinter, Room Two, Veracity, Canvas and so many more there is no way I could list them all.

Now, there is a new magazine devoted to giving these bands and musicians a vessel to get their names out there. The magazine will make a debut in 2007 but you can go to their site now and get a subscription and be the first to have this magazine delivered to your door free for a limited time. Interested Indie Fans, musicians, bands and just plain music lovers should go to to get your copy. You can still get your motor running and head out on the highway but to some new kick ass or kick back tunes.
If you don't give Indie musicians a try then your missing 2/3 rds of the music out there.

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KT Did said...

Hi Wooley, for awhile there I was unable to comment in your blog! Didn't like that feeling....
I lovvvve the Indie label. There are some really great musicians that were once mainstream and now come to the point in their lives that bigtime ain't no fun! So, for me, and obviously for you, some of the best music is Indie. Thanks for posting this... I'm going over to your link and signing up. Hope all is well!