Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Have any of you seen or heard about the new Britney Spears pictures. Now she's going commando and being chummy with Paris Hilton and making sure the cameras are getting a full view. Seems as if she can't get enough attention that she has to wear super mini skirts and ride in cars built low to the ground so when she exits all is open for public view.

It does make me wonder though, how in our society, we will accept such things as slitting a throat, blowing someone up, bloody chop them up movies, and people doing drugs, reality shows with people eating or doing gross things etc. But when it comes to anything about sex we think "OH my god!!. Did you see that?"
Europe has ads on television all the time with nudity in it. An Ad with someone taking a shower and washing their hair for a shampoo company shows the person completely nude. There are even nude television news channels on the air. The women will be doing the news or weather while stripping off clothes to nothing the whole time.

So what is the deal with sex sells over here? If we didn't treat it as such a no no then it wouldn't be such a big deal... Would it?
Wonder if I would garner the same sort of big time flash (pardon the pun) if I were to wear a kilt and riding a motorcycle in Hollywood while hanging out (whoops) with Paris and Britney. I seriously doubt it.

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