Saturday, December 09, 2006

Getting On The Patch

Another cigarette or another motorcycle? I'd rather buy another motorcycle than a new lung.

Well, I've finally decided to try the quit smoking patch a try again. Trying to quit these damned cigarettes is a pain in the ass. People have told me to just go cold turkey but that is a path that has been tried many times to no avail. Around three years ago my wife tried to quit and bought some Smoke Away at the local health food store. It was much cheaper than getting online or off the radio advertisement spots. For some reason she didn't finish the program and I think it was because she did not take the dosage on the box. She was taking less than what the directions said to take. So, she gave me what was left to try and the stuff was beginning to work for me. My craving was only after I ate. It was great to wake up in the morning and not have the urge to light up right away. In fact it would be lunch time before I wanted one. The problem was that there was not enough left for me to continue taking and she couldn't find it in the store anylonger.
So I went back to smoking because I had tried the patch before and found it to be a such a hassle not to forget the skin that would pull off when removing the things. They burned a little while wearing them so that was a deterrent.
Now I don't care if they do all those things because I'm sick of being a slave to these things. I want to be able to smell the oranges and the rain and, from child hood memories, the smell of wet leaves on the ground when we would be camping or tramping in the woods. It would also be nice to be able to taste food again. Most of all my son has been on my butt to quit. I told him I wouldn't make any promises but I'd give it another shot.
Now, being that the prices are so high and we smokers are unfairly taxed so heavily on the tobacco sticks it's a good time to try. I can save close to $200 a month by quitting and put that towards something else. A new motorcycle perhaps. Well, not brand new but new to me.

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