Sunday, December 03, 2006

MYRTLE BEACH BIKE WEEK (May 11-20- 2007)

Yes, I know it's only December and spring seems so far away. Thing is though that the days are passing by us fast. Thanksgiving has only just shot by and Christmas is moving up quicker than that Thanksgiving day dinner gas. Many of you who are already experiencing all the snow and ice storms probably have not given much thought to warm weather because your having so much fun. In reality I'd bet your wishing the old man winter would just pack it all up and go home.

May 11-20 of 2007 will be upon us before we know it and the Myrtle Beach Bike week will be getting into full swing for the winter weary. It would be a smart move to go ahead and begin thinking about booking a room before they are all snapped up. The closer to Bike Week we get the fewer the availability of motel rooms there will be. Vendors, if you haven't already, would be smart to secure your spot and get your permit for the thousands of bikers that are sure to be there.

The good people who put on this show are also looking for someone to design a new T-shirt for the 2007 event. So, if your an artist and have what you think is a great idea for next years T-shirt logo then you should go to the site and submit your art work. Who knows, this could just be the break your looking for.

To find out all of the ins and outs of next years event click right on over and browse around the site. All the information you will need for your well needed vacation can be found there. I have no association with them other than meeting the owner of Sonny Productions through a friend of mine back in 2004. I was checking out the ButtBuffers he was hocking which seem perfectly suited for a long ride. Mighty comfy stuff in those buttbuffers and he can do you one up for most any other seating need to save from a sore butt. Hey! You could get one for the other half for a most comfortable ride too.

Link on over to now.

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