Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lamps I Make

It's true that Wooley has a few hobbies. One of them is making lamps. Here are a couple of lamps that I make in my mini shop. The left one being made from new wood and the one on the right is from reclaimed wood. ( My part of earth friendly lighting)
The one on the left has a single position socket while the one on the right is a three way. They both come with 6' cords or a 10', depending on preference, in either clear or tan. The 6' is best suited for most applications. A 10' cord works well for a room with minimal outlets where a piece of furniture or an end table, night stand may be to far for a 6' cord. I prefer the look of the clear because it goes with most anything.
When I build them it is usually in sets because set up time takes awhile. Tear down and setup takes some time so it's just easier to go ahead and make a few of each.
There is a new motorcycle table lamp in the works which I think is pretty cool looking. I'll post it up when it's finished to my liking. It can be an addictive hobby to have. At times I find myself looking at something and thinking "I wonder if that would make a good looking lamp?"

My son actually helped me to design the lamp on the left and I gotta say that it has an awesome look. We both had a lot of fun working them up. Designing them and getting to the assembly and finish is the fun part.
There has been some thought about doing some up as kits for an adult and a child to put together. Just think about years from now when that child can show his kids or grandkids the lamp he and his parent or brother/sister made together. Something like this builds pride in a child and a can-do-attitude for creativity. Something that seems to be getting lost with all the computer games and gizmos around for kids today.

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