Monday, December 11, 2006

Lo Jack for Motorcycles

Being that I have been a victim of motorcycle theft myself; I know what it feels like to have your motorcycle, that you worked hard for, be stolen. The police were not much help at all. The officer showed up with a ho-hum attitude as if it was a pain for him to respond to the call. When he did finally get out of his patrol car it was with the speed of a nearly dead snail. I was informed that my Harley was probably already in a thousand pieces by now and spread over several counties; perhaps even out of the state.

Very comforting words to hear I should say. This officer didn't even bother checking with any neighbors to ask if anyone had seen or heard anything. I took it upon myself to go door to door to ask. Of course, the ones that were home hadn't seen anything and were not to eager to get involved. I took the day off of work and searched the surrounding woods and neighborhoods to no avail.

The reason the police were not all that hurried was that what he had told me was true. By the time your motorcycle is discovered missing and the police arrive, your bike is almost impossible to find. It could be sitting only four blocks away in a van and you'd never know it.

Today you can make it easier for the police to find your motorcycle, make a good bust, and get your pride and joy back to you. Several trucking firms have used a device close to this for years now. So here is something you can get to do the same thing. It's called 'LO JACK' and it tells the police right where to find your bike. Some states ( not North Carolina though) even offer a reduction on your motorcycle insurance just for having the LO Jack. You can get one for your car or even your lawnmower or fourwheeler, dirt bike etc.

(THE REALITY OF THEFT:More than 55,000 bikes were stolen in 2003. That's one bike every 9.5 minutes*. Truth is, if the bad guys really want your bike, they're going to get it. And once it's gone, it's gone. Now with LoJack For Motorcycles, if someone steals your bike, we can help you get it back —fast.) read more -

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