Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Crotch Rocket Bone head.

On the way home from work I saw several motorcycles of which some where heading home from Bike week if I had to guess. All of them where pretty tired looking but just going at a steady clip. What got me was this one on a crotch rocket who, along with a camaro, was hauling ass down the on ramp to the interstate. The passenger in the car was leaning way, way out of the window while the bike rode beside the car all down the ramp. Onto the highway they come as the bike backed off a bit and then went right back up beside the car in the same lane. The passenger, still hanging out of the window, reaches over to the bike rider who grabs his hand as the accelerated even faster. A small Blazer, as at first I didn't notice, pulled in behind them mocking every switch from lane to lane the others did. Evidently they were all together. But the blazer got so close that if the rider had taken a spill the Blazer would have flattened him with no time to react.
This is the kind of crap on the highway that gives riders a bad name and raises every one's insurance.
Go ahead and have fun while riding but don't be a dumb ass at eighty plus. Not only were their own lives at risk but those of us near them on the interstate too.

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