Sunday, March 18, 2007

The KickStand Lodge and Fred Kunkel.

It is with sad heart that I have to tell you that Fred has ridden on into that big campground in the sky. He leaves behind his soul mate, Mo, and and the wonderful lodge that they both dreamed about and created for bikers here in North Carolina.
I had sent Fred an email about doing an article on the campground back on November twenty fifth of last year. I waited for a reply and Fred graciously did reply, and apologize for not being able to get back with me sooner. They had been out of town and just returned and on December twenty eighth he sent me an email about wanting to do the article.

There is a thing about having a dream to persue but never acting on it. It's entirely something else to have a dream and make it reality. That is just what Fred and his lady Mo did in Stecoah North Carolina; make the dream a reality. It takes a certain devotion, passion and partnership between a husband and wife to embark on such a business venture and make it work. They took seven acres and built just the kind of place that would appeal to road weary riders. A comfortable haven for relaxation in serene surroundings. The sort of facility that welcomes riders with warm reception and the understanding that only another rider could appreciate. Resting easy with the knowing that you and your motorcycle are in safe secure place. My understanding is that Fred was one of those jovial souls who enjoyed hearing the tales that other riders would share.

Sadly, Fred passed away on January first of this year. While he may be gone in body...his spirit lives on with his wife, children, grandchildren and many friends he made along life's journey. Mo is trying to carry on the dream they both had built for bikers everywhere to have a facility that is both clean and friendly.

Ride free on the winds Fred. May your pipes forever echo through the hills of North Carolina...and beyond.


Chuck said...


Just looking at your profile and realized that you need to change/add CNC lathe specialist to you "occupation" entry. What are you waiting for? You really are doing a great job and it makes life much easier at work having someone who can comprehend what I'm telling them. Sorry this is not related to this blog entry, but you know that I am not to much on motorcycles. Have a good one dude.


WooleyBugger said...

Hey man, I appreciate it.

I have not even looked at my own profile in awhile. But being that you mentioned it I'll skip over and add the CNC to it.

Wooleyb aka Paul or Paulie or hey you and sometimes...shit ass. lol

Biker Betty said...

I'm really sorry to hear about Fred. That sounds like a great place he and Mo managed together.