Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cold Dry Biscuits These here are just two of the books my good friend Billy has written over the years. He has also written children's books of which my son has one. Billy's a cool cat and will even autograph any of his books if you wish. Sometimes, as in my case, his quick mind will think of a quick rhyme to add to the individuality of each autograph. Another cool thing about Billy is that if you want, he'll even come to your child's school and read to them from his books. Yes, Billy is just a big hearted kid wearing big mans clothes and he just loves to share his love of reading and writing with the young ones. If Billy can't relate to you and something in your life in one of his books, well...either you haven't been born yet or you were just born with a silver spoon. Billy's been around the block a few times and has traveled around the country on both his Harley and as a Big Rig driver so it's sure he has seen a few things and has some tales to tell. Life's lessons from being a family man, Trucker, Biker and yes, even homeless at one point and it's been rumored that he can sing too.
Carrot on a Stick
To order one of Billy's books just log onto his site and you'll not be disappointed.

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