Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hit and Run Driver.

Just when I thought my bad luck could not get any worse
it does. Here is my note to the hit and run driver who hit my car Saturday, April 28 2007 at the Home Depot in Burlington North Carolina.

Dear Mrs. or Mr. Asshole,

You are a sorry low life SOB by hitting my car today. To add insult to injury you pushed your two empty shopping carts into my car after you hit my car with your vehicle damaging my front fender. You are a coward and a loser who probably does not have insurance and don't give a rats ass about other peoples property. You didn't even leave a note to say your sorry to own up to your mistake.
I also want you to know that we checked with the manager of the Home Depot (who was very helpful by the way) and found that they do have cameras with video tape watching the parking lot. We were there for around thirty minutes and you arrived some time after we did as there was no vehicle parked beside us when we parked. We also know what time we left by the time on our store receipt which gave the manager a time frame to search in. Oh, and by the way, we filed a hit and run report with the Police Department who will be reviewing the tape at the store. So now Mrs. or Mr. Asshole, instead of just a misdemeanor offense that could have been easily dealt with in a civil manner you now will have a felony hit and run charge. So see, wouldn't it have been better to come in the store or wait by the car to own up to your mistake?

Yours truly,
Waiting for your arrest in Burlington.

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