Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Here is a tip for all of you who do those forward, forward emails.

We all get these things from friends, co-workers and family in our email. But did you ever wonder just how your email address gets around and you get loaded up with spam?
Someone sends you an email and in the email it says to forward to ten friends or something like that. The email will also say something along the lines of keeping it going so as not to break the chain. Forwarding the email in itself is not the problem but if you look at all the other email addresses left on the one to you, there are email addresses listed from people you don't know.

Jane sends it to you and ten other people. Those ten people send it on to ten people they know. You send it to ten people that you know and then, those ten people send it to ten people they know and so on and so on.
Thing is nobody deleted any of the addresses from the previous people so you email gets around and viola, the spam clogging up you in box gets heavy real quick. Take a look at the next forward email that you receive and you'll see how the email addresses keep stacking up.
If you are going to forward one of these chain emails to people you know at least delete the previous addresses before sending it on

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